The Film Camera Dinosaur of the 21st Century: ATM’s

By John Galt
November 8, 2007

Back in the 1990’s the digital camera became an affordable and more practical device with the introduction of higher quality printers, more powerful personal computers and users eager to get the latest technology without the inconveniences associated with film cameras. One company which dismissed the digital camera in it’s planning and marketing as a “fad” was Polaroid, formerly a leader in developing new camera technology. This dismissal was a fatal mistake that the company never recovered from and in 2001 they filed for bankruptcy protection as their “instant picture” technology became as practical as vacuum tube radios in the modern era. Thus many people have speculated on the next “modern item or appliance to fill the title of biggest dinosaur or antique of the 21st century. My nomination is simple, poignant and terrifying:

The Automated Teller Machine

This is usually the time when my readers grab the duct tape and wrap their heads tightly to keep their eyeballs and various blood vessels from exploding out of their head. I would strongly suggest you grab the tape now. I think this is the time that we all need to grasp the events converging on to our future and start seeing the logic of what I have to say from both a historical and practical standpoint.

Cash is King”

I remember the days when everyone used to preach that cash is king and that credit was a necessary evil, not a requirement for the individual to conduct business in our society. As we modernized and upgraded our computer processing ability through the decades, the idea and implementation of credit cards evolved into the almighty debit card which invited convenience and practicality for the average person who does not know any better about the consequences of all their data being confined into a black magnetic strip. The concept that cash is an inconvenient pain has recently been highlighted not just by the banksters in their attempt to impose fee after fee for tellers handling cash, but in the commercial arena with the series of VISA commercials showing dancing, singing and idiotic swipe and go scenarios for their RFID debit cards on purchases of everything from lunch to flowers. Apparently the producers of these commercials have never been behind a 96 year old grandmother trying to buy $4.87 worth of groceries in a Florida grocery store with her VISA debit card. Ugh. The psychological aspect of the war on cash appears to be a big success because the average soul barely whispered a hint of being upset with the latest fee increases on ATM’s to offset the banksters own horrible loan portfolios. Score one for the future, a cashless one at that.

It’s Just a Cold”

Ah yes, winter and the sniffles. I remember when we all just grumbled, snorted, sneezed and coughed our way through the winters without spending eight hundred bucks at the doctors for a three day cold. The times are a changing though and the latest disease crazes are oldies but goodies with TB resurgent thanks to the inability of the mightiest nation on earth to secure a border with a third world disease factory and the over abuse of anti-biotics allowing flesh eating bacteria and other old diseases to re-emerge stronger than ever. It’s only a matter of time before a new variant of an old classic appears and this time, just as inflation “officially” tops 17%, look for the spread of the disease to be blamed on the handling of cash by citizens. The ability of some diseases to transport themselves for days on physical surfaces has been demonstrated by doctors and scientists and this has not been lost by certain powers that would love to eliminate the independence of cash. Keep that in mind when they tell you to burn your own cash to make sure you don’t catch the cooties.

Cash is Expensive

The modern penny costs $0.0071802 in raw materials alone (97.5% zinc) and that’s not leaving a lot of room to add the costs of manufacture and handling, not to mention the petroleum expended to haul them from place to place (price courtesy of As America spirals into it’s inflationary nightmare at warp speed, the coinage will become prohibitively expensive to manufacture and distribute and the price of raw materials will force a decision, one favored by wholesalers, retailers and the government alike, to discontinue it’s use. While temporarily rounding prices off, that would leave only the paper currency, often duplicated and now being equaled in value soon by every third world nation in the world. Once a disease scare or shortage occurs, the powers in charge will clamor and successfully demand the elimination of paper currency along with coinage altogether. The process will begin once a national identification program is implemented and after at least sixty plus percent of the populous have signed up for the ID, then they can force everyone to join into the program by advising of the currency elimination program. When you see the proclamation requiring all citizens to turn coinage into local banks for the purpose of elimination and forcing retailers to no longer accept coinage, that’s the starting signal you need to know. The true impact of that will be felt when you see the retail sales fliers saying “on sale now for $11.00” when now it says $10.95 as retailers round up to maximize profits and exploit the inflationary environment created by our central bank.

Mom, can I buy that?”

How many times as a child do you remember going into a store and asking your mom if you can spend fifty cents of your allowance on a comic book or some candy? Ah, those were the days in the local five and dime, but now, imagine having your mom, dad, or worse your friendly neighborhood bureaucrat hanging over your shoulder telling you what you can and can not buy. Let’s analyze what the government has learned from their food stamp program before the magnetic strip to give you a clue. Before the Department of Agriculture issued the credit card style, actual stamps were used which of course were sold and traded for cash and other illicit items in a huge black market. The credit card arrangement has allowed them to restrict the purchases at which stores the user can and can not shop at, what items they can purchase and in what quantities. Take the national ID, eliminate cash, program your medical records into a master database and voila! That box of Ho-Ho’s you wanted to buy for that chocolaty goodness comes up with a code in the display of the register that says “forget it fatty” or “health risk” and you’re not given the freedom to purchase what you want because you would cost the nationally subsidized socialist medicine program too much money. Imagine shopping for a car and you wanted the SUV but your card was programmed to let you buy a used Yugo only. You see where this is going I hope. Where various bureaucrats in budgeting, medical and income redistribution offices reset everyone’s lifestyles on your little magnetic strip. Eliminate the cash and you eliminate the anonymous freedoms associated with relatively unbridled capitalism.

The Tax Man Cometh

So with just over 57% of all Americans drawing some type of government subsidy and who knows how many non-citizens (that’s the P.C. term for “illegal aliens”) doing the same, this means the tax base is strained in ways never imagined. The last estimates I saw about the “black” or underground economy was that it had grown from just under thirty billion in the early 1980’s to over three hundred billion dollars now. This figure is not staggering in and of itself but for the IRS and other government agencies want to “fix the deficit problem” not to mention increase tax revenues to expand the power of the bureaucracy in D.C. even further into your lives. Under the guise of the revision of the tax codes by eliminating the income tax new and more nefarious taxes will be implemented which are collected immediately on your payroll, purchases and savings all tied to one nationalized identification system. Since you would be unable to participate in modern commerce without this ID, you would have no choice. And the taxation could be used and varied on any aspect of your life. Differing fees for differing services such as bus fare, gas purchases or even getting a tooth pulled. This idea, in addition to the management of one’s personal purchasing habits for the “good of the individual” are the final straw in a long desired plan that only Stalin could fantasize about.

So who needs an ATM? We won’t as a nation or civilization much longer. Once the cash is mandated as being irrelevant and illegal, these dinosaurs can be removed, re-programmed and shipped overseas for use after resale. To nations where freedom and capitalism will still be respected and revered.

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