$5400 per hour Wasted Because of DHS and Incompetent People

By John Galt
June 1, 2011

Here we are, late at night, trying to go to bed when this news story from the Washington Post pops up via Drudge:

Airplane annoyance leads to brouhaha in the skies over D.C.

I started thinking to myself, “no way, this can not be true.”

Sure enough, there’s enough there to make one go pound his or her head against a concrete block wall until the skin is raw or a concussion begins. The F-16 burns about $2700 per hour in fuel and that is a conservative estimate on my part based on current aviation fuel prices. So for this jaunt up into the night skies over Washington, D.C. and not counting the other planes diverted from landing into a holding pattern and the fuel they wasted, odds are because on moron reclined his seat into another moron who slapped his head, DHS and our current defense system wasted over $20,000 because political correctness is more important than national security.

Huh,do what?

That’s right. Instead of putting more Air Marshals on commercial flights and hiring real law enforcement officers trained to identify potential suspects, DHS and the DoD would rather waste taxpayer money on armed joyrides and free gropes of six year old children rather than addressing the threat of twenty-something Islamic radicals attempting action against our nation in this country. One day things will go “boom” again and we’ll all get groped regularly; perhaps just trying to take a tinkle at 4 a.m. in our own homes because after all, one might be trying to “bomb” the city sewer system at that early hour.

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