Hope and Change? Yup, Change Back to the Carter Years


By John Galt
June 22, 2011

Trust me, he needs the smoke.

The poll results revealed in a Bloomberg story this morning are Carteresque. Hope and change is turning into a flashback where polyester and disco are soon to return to the forefront along with the idea that its the citizenry causing the bad economy not the administration. According to the story from Bloomberg, 44% of Americans say they are worse off under Obama compared to 34% who claim to be doing better. The 34% number is easy enough to figure out as that would represent the number of union and government workers in the survey as they are doing great under the new Eurosocialist model being imposed on our nation.

This is the worst showing for a President since the Ronald Reagan post recession era when unemployment was over 10% and the Fed had clamped down on the inflation monster by raising interest rates far north of 10%. Now this President who promised to have unemployment below 8% and the economy growing at an anemic pace is facing a nasty poll result where 66% of all respondents think the nation is going in the wrong direction. To add to Obama’s political problems, the misery index is at its highest levels in 28 years according to a story from CNBC. That index has not been discussed by the mainstream media in any way shape or form since the Carter era, it would appear that President Obama is content to let the comparisons to Carter continue.

Break out the mirrored ball, do The Hustle, and get ready for gas lines as James Earl Carter has sent his spirit back to the White House in the form of a Eurocommie chain smoking fiend determined to subjugate the masses with his charm while destroying their freedoms in smoky back rooms of the bureaucratic maze he is building in D.C. One can only hope enough sheeple will wake up and realize the damage that is being done to check his policies before it is too late.


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