How the USPS told me our Society was Doomed


By John Galt
June 27, 2011

The form above is for sending a package or envelope via USPS Express Mail. It is a simple form. Not elegant, not complicated, in fact the user only has a few key places to fill out the information needed to get anything from point A to point B overnight in most cases. The sections requiring the user to fill out are the “From” and “To” and to either check a box waiving the necessity for a signature or not. The U.S. Postal Service employee is more than happy to help someone if they have any questions. But what kind of idiot would have questions about filling out a form?

People who vote, unfortunately.

Many years ago when I had extensive dealings with our postal service, I learned that our society was probably doomed but did not accept that fact. I witnesses people young and old having trouble with operating a P.O. box key, unable to fill out an Express or Priority Mail form, and bringing various objects in and asking the employees to box and ship them. Needless to say, nothing has improved in the past decade.

Today I witnessed one of Sarasota’s octogenarians struggling to fill one of the forms out. He could not understand why two first class stamps would not cover the postage to mail a package overnight. Far be it for me to judge if the gentleman had Alzheimer’s or some other malady, but his perfectly healthy appearing wife who seemed about ten years younger was just as puzzled. This would not have shocked me except that I have seen it with women and men in their early twenties, thirties, and forties. It was at that moment of utter horror in a short line at the post office that took forever when the realization of  two facts that indicated our society was doomed hit me:

1. He probably drives his own car about the size of a Bradley armored vehicle.

2. He probably votes.

When I listen to news and talk radio during the day, I generally get a pretty broad spectrum of opinions with liberals controlling the news flow and “conservatives” ruling the talk show airwaves. It was during a news program this morning when a lady in her fifties commented about the Ryan plan and the need to bring our entitlement society under control if we wished to balance the budget:

“I’m entitled to it, so I had better get it.”

She was referring to Medicare, one of the greatest enslavement boondoggles ever created in American history. The same question could have been asked to over 55% of the population about food stamps, EBT cards, Medicaid, Social Security, Section 7 housing, or Federal unemployment benefits and the answer would have been the same.

It was that combination of people who demand “their entitlements” and those unable to function in basic elements of society such as filling out a simple form that made me realize the United States Postal Service offices are fantastic laboratory examples of how a society is doomed. The thirty percent of hard working middle to upper-middle class souls along with the wealthy carry the water. Everyone else drinks it. There are those who need the temporary boost with some assistance to get back on their feet, and for those souls, I do not condemn nor attack their acceptance of government programs to help. But to those souls too stupid, too lazy, too corrupted by subliminal Marxist ideals, I curse you. Your sloth has guaranteed America will collapse because you refuse to get off your ass and create anything, be it a new business or the proper personal presentation to make your sorry butt employable.

The labs are in almost every city, town, and village of these United States. Spend some time one there one afternoon watching the mice. You will be shocked by what you see. Unfortunately what you will learn is that the ability to read, write, or work to succeed or get by in life is not a prerequisite for existence in our society. Then again, why should they exert any effort? Most Americans who support this class are more concerned about the latest and greatest iWhatever or television show than the future of our nation, so those that are able get more buckets to carry more water.

Then they put the buckets down every two years and continue to vote for the same idiots without reading the forms, understanding the implications, or taking a chance by voting for Freedom.



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