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A Happy Market Crash

  By John Galt July 2, 2011 IF there ever was a market crash to celebrate, the charts above tell the tale of woe for the “greenies” and their concocted plans to steal monies from legitimate businesses in the idea the they could trade a non-threatening gas to exploit capitalism and capitalists to make the false claim that these fictitious financial instruments would help prevent or “offset” global climate change. The myth is being busted by investors, as most Ponzi schemes usually are,  where they are refusing to engage in trading…

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More Clashes in Bahrain as National Dialogue Talks begin

  By John Galt July 2, 2011 For those naive souls who think that just because some camel (instead of kangaroo) courts convicted some Shi’ite leaders in Bahrain over the “Arab Spring” protests this year and the Saudi military retreated after perceived peace and quiet was restored, I present evidence that the West does not understand how Iran or the Shi’ites of the region nor how just how complex the situation is: Bahraini security forces clash with 500 protestors English.news.cn 2011-07-03 05:57:38 MANAMA, July 2 (Xinhua) — About 500 anti-government protestors…

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A sign of American Decline and Crisis: Bacon Prices

By John Galt July 2, 2011 From FinViz.com: Of all the stories that should have you in a panic, of all the news about floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, nuke plants leaking, or total implosion of the American economy, the one story which indicates a total decline in our society and a reason to declare this period of time a triple red alert set your hair on fire and freak out, is this story from CNBC: The Crisis We Should Be Panicking About: Bacon Prices Who cares about the stupid debt ceiling? Why…

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