A sign of American Decline and Crisis: Bacon Prices

By John Galt
July 2, 2011

From FinViz.com:

Of all the stories that should have you in a panic, of all the news about floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, nuke plants leaking, or total implosion of the American economy, the one story which indicates a total decline in our society and a reason to declare this period of time a triple red alert set your hair on fire and freak out, is this story from CNBC:

The Crisis We Should Be Panicking About: Bacon Prices

Who cares about the stupid debt ceiling?

Why should anyone worry about Obama’s Birth Certificate?

What is the point about panic over millionaires in the NFL and NBA squabbling over contracts?

This story above  any others impacts the supper table, bacon wrapped Filet Mignon, and the quality of American life. This is the July 4th weekend and dammit, I demand that the government investigate the CBOE and fix this problem immediately. This makes $4.00 gas look like a minor problem. Who cares if I can’t afford the bacon after I buy the gas. This sounds like a cover up to disguise another transitory excuse for more money printing by the Fed and Ben Bernanke.

And just where is Bill O’Reilly screeching and bloviating about those evil speculators? Gee Bill, are you long Pork Belly futures and do not wish to disclose your position to the world in fear of another Media Matters attack on you?

My fellow Americans and pork consumers it is time to rise up and demand answers. Do not take this lying down. Get on the phone to your Congresscritter. Tell them to set aside the debt ceiling debate. I want my bacon and I want it cheap!


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