7/17 Sunday Morning Stories of Interest

By John Galt
July 17, 2011

Egypt’s Military Aims to Cement Muscular Role in Government

-New York Times

Heavy casualties reported in Libya


Yemen army, tribes in offensive on militants in south


Foreclosure Protesters in Spain’s Cities Now Go Door to Door

-NY Times

Obama angers China over Dalai Lama

-The Australian

Tunisian police fire in air to disperse rioters


Rebekah Brooks arrested over News of the World phone hacking

-U.K. Telegraph

Real estate: As banks shed debt, investors swoop in

-Arizona Daily Star

US debt talks threaten dollar’s safe haven status

-U.K. Telegraph

China to launch carbon emissions trading pilot project

-Xinhua China

Nissan Leaf far outselling Chevrolet Volt

-Los Angeles Times

Loyalist forces clash with Amman pro-democracy groups

-The National, UAE

Riots drive out NI immigrants

– U.K. Guardian/Sunday Observer

Gloomy Forecast for Europe’s Banks


Italy and Spain in firing line as euro’s fate hangs in the balance

-U.K. Guardian / Sunday Observer

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