The Sissification of America Continues in the Ivy League

By John Galt July 21, 2011 It is bad enough that Marxism has become the preferred political and economic system of choice for the Ivy League schools, creating losers like Bernanke, Summers, Clinton, and Obama, but now the fiendishly evil souls which reside in the sewers of academia have dared to impose their wussification of our society upon the most sacred and hallowed grounds of American society and culture. They found a way to inflict wimpification on football, America’s pastime. The New York Times, hardly a domicilel of manhood or Americana,…

7/21 AEP: Europe steps up to the plate

By John Galt July 21, 2011 Sadly this latest missive sounds like a victory lap for the banksters. However, here is the U.K. Telegraph’s own Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and a brief extract from the article to give you a taste. Click on the headline below to read the remainder of the story. Europe steps up to the plate The three rescued countries of Greece, Ireland and Portugal have in turn been offered a lifeline out of crippling debt-deflation. The tetchy negotiations dragged on for hours, with an irascible Finland at one point…

7/21 Voice of Galt including Bonus Programming is now Available

If you were listening live, you heard the servers go “croak” and we at the Just Measures Radio Network apologize for that. However the recordings are saved and I continued recording after 9 p.m. to make way for Natty so the missing news and updates are on tonight’s archive. You can click on this link to download the program and thank you for your patience and support.

7/21 V of Galt: I was Wrong but then again I was Mistaken

By John Galt July 21, 2011 But not 100% yet. Find out more where the humble one (that’s me) attempts to explain where I may have just been wrong about, and you had best pray I turn out to be right or you will be living in a full blown disaster of a nation in less than 180 days. This country has gone over the edge and the idiots in charge are still looking for the warning signs. Buckle up for another night of head exploding news, views, and stunning audio….

Juncker Drops a big one: Selective Default in Greece is Possible

By John Galt July 21, 2011 The only thing my readers need to know today is this headline (with link to story) and the graph which follows of the Euro versus the Yen. If we see the Euro break 111 then 110, it is game over once again and massive stock corrections as well as currency market shifts will happen rapidly. From Reuters: New Greek Bailout Can’t Rule Out Default: Juncker Jean-Claude Juncker, chairman of the group of euro-zone finance ministers, said that a selective default on Greek debt cannot be…

CSX 2nd Quarter Report: Preparing for a weak second half?

By John Galt July 21, 2011 The Q2 report from CSX (available from the SEC at this link) indicates some unique divergences which should cause even the most casual observer a moment to pause and reflect. It would appear that the railroad behemoth is not preparing for a stronger economy for the remainder of this year. The data is still considerably trailing the pre-recession period and that might be what is causing caution on their part. I. COMMODITIES HAULED The data is trailing the 2007-2008 time period by about some amazing…

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