For your RINO Congresscritter: The So You Can Find Them Campaign

By John Galt
July 21, 2011

I am not big on “campaigns” to annoy Congresscritters, faxing them to kill trees, or emails that reach the spaminator before they hit their desk so for me to propose any type of activist campaign, you know I have to be annoyed beyond belief and wishing to carry this fight for our last chance to save the Republic before they spend the next five generations into oblivion.

Thus I propose the following.

I’m sick of the wimps.

I’m tired of the lies.

I want to keep the pressure on these idiots to do the right thing and force the administration to service the debt and NOT pay the EPA and other non-essential personnel in government. This means we need a law passed by August 2nd that forces the President to use all funds available at the U.S. Treasury to pay Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare recipients, but most importantly, to pay our SOLDIERS in addition to servicing the debt. The evidence is there that they can do this, the incoming funds support this, and a default is selective, not mandatory and it is a violation of law to do so IF they find a pair.

Thus I propose going to the Dollar Tree and spending a dollar or two on this:

And mailing it to your local Congressman or male Senator to use it to find their family jewels and vote to continue the real debt reduction debate instead of just succumbing to the “Oh My God, it’s a crisis, let us do the expedient stupid thing to get more votes” mentality that exists now. For the lady representative, tell them to use the glass to find their soul, unless of course it happens to be Nancy Pelosi in which case you’ll need the Palomar Observatory and/or an Exorcist.

To find your Congress Critter or Senator’s mailing address Click on the link to this website:

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