7/26: Dollar Continues to Crash against Yen and Swiss Franc

By John Galt
July 26, 2011

The charts tell the tale of the faith the investing world has in the U.S. Dollar and our political leadership as the Swiss Franc has now achieved another all time high against the dying dollar:

Meanwhile, despite denials, it would appear another failed intervention by the Bank of Japan was attempted last night as this chart demonstrates either a huge computer error or more likely an epic failure of an attempt to buy dollars and sell Yen to weaken the Japanese currency:

(Charts from INO.com)

If these trends continue, which they should based on the Barry and Boehner show, the U.S. Dollar stands a substantial chance of imploding to new all time lows which has even more unforeseen consequences for America’s central planners attempting to manipulate the numbers and portray some degree of economic growth.

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