CNBC again Validates the Reason Drugs Should remain Illegal

By John Galt
August 3, 2011

I’ll let you read the insanity at the link below and decide for yourself. The statements inside the article and the headline at the top of the page on CNBC validate the cause of those who say drugs should remain illegal because there is no other explanation for nutty postulations like the one presented in this article. The author “could” be correct if the Federal Reserve declares that every molecule inside the United States is a candidate for monetization but unless that is going to happen, there is no fundamental nor technical reason for the S&P to even sniff above 1360 for the remainder of this year.

In 2012 though, the idea of S&P 1450 might well be correct as all bets are off as to how stupid our political and economic elites will behave as the election cycle goes into overdrive.

Click on the title below to read the story:

S&P 500 Break Above 1,360 May Signal New Rally: Charts

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