BREAKING 8/12 1700 ET: Jefferson County, AL GOBAMA solution-Screw the law, kick the can

By John Galt
August 12, 2011 – 17:06 ET

Per the AP via Forbes:

Alabama county rejects settling $3.1B in debt

Associated Press, 08.12.11, 04:45 PM EDT

And here’s the story from the Birmingham News:

Jefferson County Commission decides to delay bankruptcy decision again

The problem? Instead of meeting the legal deadline, the commission took the Gobama solution, ignored the rule of law, and postponed any further action.

The resolution of this issue shall be most interesting next week as J.P. Morgan-Chase and the legal system will not tolerate the games much longer.

Stay tuned for further MUNICIDE updates….

  • sniperfi

    The rule of law only applies to those who believe in the law. Those who take the obummer way out only prolong the pain and suffering that the cowards chose. Jefferson County will eventually pay a heavy price for what they are doing, and it will be the people of the county that will suffer.

  • Desertrat

    From Matt Tabibi’s expose article in Rolling Stone, the debt resulted from a con job under the color of law to set up the incredible growth of the amount of money. Originally but a few hundred million, IIRC–and now $3.1 billion.

    Yeah, it’s all legal, but still, it was an immoral con job from the git-go.

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