A World on Fire thanks to Central Banking Policies

By John Galt
September 5, 2011 – 23:00 ET

The headlines tell the tale of woe over the past week:

430,000 Turn Out in Israeli Protests

Marchers turn up heat over living costs, housing (Hong Kong Housing & Inflation Protest)

Chile: Worker protests join student rising

Mubarak’s Trial Resumes In Cairo Amidst Violent Clashes

Swaziland: Phones Cut As Nation Protests

No Holiday For BART Protests: Demonstrations Planned for Today, Thursday

Hundreds of thousands protesters march in Yemen’s capital amid escalated tension, 4 injured

West Bank mosque damaged by settlers in revenge attack

Protests, Parades Mark Labor Day (Los Angeles)

Large Protest in Bahrain After Boy’s Death

Today’s Labor Day parade ‘more of a protest than a celebration’ (Rochester, NY)

Farmworkers plan labor protest in Sacramento

Labor protests escalate in Cairo and other governorates

Protesters Occupy Milan, Italy Stock Bourse (Video)

These stories do not even reflect the unrest seen in South Africa, Ireland, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, and the United Kingdom seen earlier in this year.

Unfortunately there is one common theme:

The world is being harvested by the Central Bankers for a greater purpose and the body count does not bother them one single iota.

There is a war underway, undeclared, not approved via democratic nor republican forms of government, and surrender is not an option for those that have initiated the conflict and designed the battlefield. The ways of the Cold War era and direct confrontation were realized to be too costly and the damage it did to the financial systems and industrialists within the developed and developing world was too extensive to remain a permanent system of conflict resolution and competition. Thus why the citizens of the world unwittingly ceded their responsibilities to a financial class which has evolved into a political leadership far more elite and ruthless than even the Progressives and Communists of the past century.

The policy evolution for the world’s elites migrated from the Bretton Woods nightmare to the United States destruction of the gold standard as a viable monetary system as long as the U.S. dollar remains the world reserve currency. This evolution, as it was called, seemed to indicate to the financial power brokers that the opportunity would present itself before the one hundred year anniversary of the U.S. Federal Reserve System that a new international system could be implemented but first the wealth would have to be destroyed and/or redistributed from the traditional monetary powers of the West. As this plan was applied via exorbitant expansions of fiscal policy by the banks and representative politicians,  the citizens would eventually become more dissatisfied as inflation and failures of the business cycle accelerated.

The ensuing collapse of economic activity, defaults by business and homeowners, and eventual implosion of the banking system would create popular demand a new ordering of the financial system; conveniently enough the central bankers of the world have been discussing this issue for years and rumors have it that an idea for “emergency implementation” was solidified during the 2008 G20 conference in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately for the masses, none of the alleged journalists in the mainstream media ever made a point of inquiry as to what was really discussed in this meeting so verification of such allegations will never be possible until after it has occurred.

Fast forward past the elections of 2008, the alleged worldwide recovery, and the sudden air of revolution which first appeared in the West with the collapse of the Greek economy and has since spread to Central Asia, the MENA region, much of Europe, and parts of the Americas. The inflation expanded business cycle is starting to contract around the world because it was never designed to stimulate economic activity but to preserve the financial feudalism of the twentieth century. The central planning creations of the U.S., U.K., European Union, China, Japan, etc. are unraveling at a frightening pace, but that is by design. The idea that the world’s central bankers would care if the system implodes beyond their establishments is masked by the alleged leadership of the Federal Reserve of the United States.

The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States was given its final set of keys to the house our founders built with the creation of the Dodd-Frank Financial Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This act enabled them to expand on one section of the original charter which gave them the ability to act far beyond the already abused Federal Reserve Act of 1913, Section 13:

13. Advances to Individuals, Partnerships, and Corporations on Obligations of United States

Subject to such limitations, restrictions and regulations as the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System may prescribe, any Federal reserve bank may make advances to any individual, partnership or corporation on the promissory notes of such individual, partnership or corporation secured by direct obligations of the United States or by any obligation which is a direct obligation of, or fully guaranteed as to principal and interest by, any agency of the United States. Such advances shall be made for periods not exceeding 90 days and shall bear interest at rates fixed from time to time by the Federal reserve bank, subject to the review and determination of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

This was not intended by the creators of this legislation to allow the Fed to directly support interests of international banking, manufacturing, trade, or foreign governments they did throughout  the financial crisis of 2008-2009. Yet instead of calls for investigations or arrest, the American people acquiesced giving world financial elites the green light they have been waiting for over the last fifty years to begin the final “harvest” of the unwitting dupes who allowed our central bank to evolve into the de facto fourth branch of government. The crisis is now at a point whereas by destroying popular faith and belief in the system of government, economic structure, banking, and monetary system, the ability to necessitate a climactic collapse will allow the predestined new system or order to exist. In fact, most citizens will demand the new scheme because their livelihoods, the suffering of their families, especially retirees totally or partially dependent on government largess, will force political elites to accelerate said implementation.

That is why the dictators like the nutty colonel in Libya had to be removed as he was a wildcard and not to be invited to the new structured, more civilized world order; especially in areas rich in natural resources. The riots in Greece, Ireland, United Kingdom, Brazil, China, etc. are nothing more than necessary nuisances where the body count does not matter, as long as it terrifies the masses into accepting, nay, demanding change. The news events listed above are just another chapter within the ongoing collapse and the policies of the central bankers which have inflated fiat currencies beyond all reasonable norms will allow the evolution of a new digital international reserve; managed by all nations and their feudal financial overlords to insure that the great wealth imbalances of our would allegedly never occur again.

Sadly, most will accept this plan with open arms. Nations will bow down to the new entity to restore order out of chaos as their populations vote for in popular plebiscites. Thus why anything one witnesses over the next year should not come as a shock or surprise.

As it is going, right down to the letter, by the book.

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