The Future of the Capitalist World is Controlled by 2 Students of Marx

By John Galt
September 7, 2011 – 0:01 ET

What would one say if  the two most powerful leaders in the West, the proverbial free capitalist world, have never held a job in private industry, never signed the front of a check, and spent their childhood and collegiate years studying under professors and affiliations who studied and professed the ideals of Communism and Karl Marx? That is the unique situation the European Union and United States of America find themselves in this very day. As the crisis in crony capitalism and attempts at a command and control economy begin to fail once again, the results are entirely predictable, especially when one takes the time to review the historical backgrounds of the world leaders involved in determining the fate of the West.

Angela Merkel might have a substantive and well scrubbed internet presence like her American counterpart, yet the truth always seems to leak out of those crevices from the former Iron Curtain nations and the now evaporating records of the Soviet Union’s Eastern bloc nations. Unfortunately for Ms. Merkel, her biography is still available and while the history might be revised and re-written on the most searched internet sites, the truth shall be set free. The future of the European Union, the grand experiment of fiscal irresponsibility and fiat central banking run amok, is in the hands of someone who has never actively participated in capitalism, much less educated within a system that taught basic capitalist economics or fundamentals; not even Keynesian theory.

Merkel’s background evolves from the actions of her father, one Horst Kasner, whose background was described quite accurately according to several sources but best quoted in a German conservative website Korrektheitens and the article from that site, Der Aufstieg Angela Merkels (translated):

One was far more political than is commonly known: Horst Kasner. The father of the Chancellor had significantly shaped his daughter. Only a few weeks after Merkel’s birth he moved with his family 1954 voluntary as pastor of Hamburg in the German Democratic Republic. As head of the College of pastoral, a religious training centre, the operation in East Germany as “Red Kasner” known man of pastors prospective not only the training, but also a very SED compliant church politics. Together with the former Stasi employees and influential official in the East German CDU, He had operated the split of the Evangelical Church Clement de Maizière. Clement de Maizière is the father of the last East German Prime Minister Lothar de Maizière, He was as IN the Czerny also for the Stasi has worked according to mirror. Used also to Lothar de Maizière himself Kasner contacts.

He was also member of the Stasi steered Weißenseer working group in leading positions, a merger of left theologians, He was regarded as an extended arm of the SED in the Synod of the Church.

In addition to the now 84 the Christian Peace Conference, a Communist persons controlled from Moscow, also his sponsors Albrecht Schönherr was a member of, which had given him the post of the head of the College of pastoral. According to the Merkel biographers Gerd Langguth Kasner turned down the social order of the Federal Republic of Germany and the West German CDU in addition to the reunification.

The Kasners enjoy privileges to GDR. Two cars are available, a private vehicle, a company car. Western trips are permitted family. Several times, Merkel must travel in the Federal Republic of. Her father had 1974 and 1975 Visit Italy. He had noted in a slide show in Templin, that only the Communist Party of Italy (KPI) together with other progressive forces could save the country from misery.

Thus when one considers the background of Ms. Merkel, why should anyone suspect she’s an avowed supporter of Communism or the ideals of the old Eastern bloc? The writings of some disgruntled anti-globalist conservatives should not allow one to cloud the facts of what her history is however, yet the left portrays the German Libertarian/Conservative movement in the same light as the American Tea Party and Conservative activists. Thus the questions to be raised about Ms. Merkel get only more disturbing when the same mysterious probes into her educational background reveal missing pieces and gaps in the record, just like the current American President’s. This is what the same website was able to determine though with more extracts from their background piece on the German Chancellor:

For her doctoral thesis, Merkel had to – as usual in the German Democratic Republic – make a thesis to the Communist ideology. Keep Merkel had want to secret first their promotional notes. But the Mirror had sued successfully to file information. Result: The Chancellor is in Marxism-Leninism only a “sufficient” have received, While their physics performance was very good. This is not verifiable. The work is considered to be lost. They have a copy not, says that even Merkel.

An Academy employee, however, has other memories. Thus Merkel have shown a keen interest in Marxism-Leninism. Companions hold for her closeness to the SED regime. In addition, that the Chancellor of the Academy of Sciences was one of the FDJ management district and had worked as a Secretary for agitation and propaganda. Their responsibilities: Political education and the teaching of Marxism-Leninism.

Says Merkel itself, She have operated only cultural work in the free German youth, Worried theatre tickets. When her former group leader Hans-Jörg Osten that listening to different. Therefore, she had been working at the Academy as a free German youth Secretary for agitation and propaganda. Although he could no longer remember on the exact designation. The sense after it was exactly this activity. Also this is not verifiable. The FDJ documents have also disappeared.

Merkel joins in the turning point, She originally sympathized with the SPD, the democratic awakening to. It is the Chairman Wolfgang string press officer. A man, He worked closely to GDR with Horst Kasner. And who should be exposed as an unofficial employee of the State security.

The information above is stunning and the lack of official collegiate records and transcripts from the former Soviet bloc quite disturbing. Her scientific writings are widely available but all affiliations with the Communist Party, student groups, and writings provided as required by the State have simply evaporated. It is as if her past education, forays into communist state political activism, and Marxist philosophical  ideals were deliberately erased from history. Does this sound like anyone who just happens to be the leader of the “free world?”

If the citizens of Europe had any desires for freedom or democratic principles, they would be horrified to understand that the problems the United States face with the mysterious leader of our nation are almost duplicated to the letter by the leader of the most powerful nation militarily and economically in the European Union. Thus a quick review of the questions surrounding America’s current Commander-in-Chief are in order.

Barrack Hussein Obama’s past, along with his educational upbringing has been highlighted by the free press and conservative media for years now:

While in Indonesia, a student at a Koran based education under the quasi-socialist state of Indonesia, which favored the Marxist bloc as a “non-aligned” nation during that period of time and to some degree tried to implement the ideals of Islamic Socialism.

As a student at Occidental College, he began his affiliation with the extreme left, and started down the path of empathizing for the Marxist ideologues of that era. While there, affiliations were developed that he spoke openly about in his book Audacity of Hope where he said:

“To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.

The New York Times highlighted these experiences in their background piece from February 9, 2008, Old Friends Say Drugs Played Bit Part in Obama’s Young Life, where his radical beliefs began to embed themselves during this formative period of his life:

The professor, Roger Boesche, has memories of him at a popular burger joint on campus.

“He was always sitting there with students who were some of the most articulate and those concerned with issues like violence in Central America and having businesses divest from South Africa,” he said. “These were the kids most concerned with issues of social justice and who took classes and books seriously.”

Mr. Obama was involved in the Black Students’ Association and in the divestment campaign to pressure the college to pull its money out of companies doing business in South Africa. To make a point, students camped out in makeshift shantytowns on campus.

In his book, Mr. Obama said that his role in the divestment push started as kind of a lark, “part of the radical pose my friends and I sought to maintain.” But then he became more engaged, contacting members of the African National Congress to have them speak at the college and writing letters to the faculty.

For those who forget, which history has conveniently done so, the African National Congress and its leader, Nelson Mandela, were avowed Marxists and received material support from Communist China, Cuba, and of course the Soviet Union during that era. This same material and financial support was extended to the United States (as I witnessed during my college years) where innocuous sounding groups were created to funnel money and education materials to young minds.

As Barrack Obama progressed beyond his Occidental years, the contacts he made with radical extremists like Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Alice Palmer would begin to pay dividends when he returned to the Chicago area to work as a civil rights attorney. Alice Palmer hand picked Obama to be her replacement for the State of Illinois 13th District which in the world of politics in that states is more like an appointment rather than an elected position. Those ties were extended through works with Ayers within the Woods Fund board and Dohrn as his strong ties to the Marxist ideology continued.

There are many heresy stories about his campaign workers wearing Che shirts and hanging communist party flags in local campaign headquarters during the 2008 elections but his ties to Reverend Wright and the Ayers-Dohrn axis of Marxism are the most glaring examples of his pre-Presidency activism with the communist sympathizers and activists of our nation. When one reviews his close ties to the same types within American organized labor after he was elected, a disturbing history and trend can be assumed that he maintains sympathetic ties and policies towards the socialist if not extreme Marxist ideology.

Then there is the question of his writings. Beyond the biography widely purchased by leftist organizations to bolster sales and insure his family can enjoy a comfortable living, the mystery about Michelle and Barrack Obama’s collegiate writings remains just that; a puzzle locked away from public view so as not to create controversy, as if they never existed.

Much like Angela Merkel’s.

I submit to the reader that you do your own research. The leaders of two of the largest economies in the world are faced with a Constitutional crisis, financial crisis, and re-election issues which will dominate the next twelve months. Neither has ever held a position of part time or full time employment in the private sector. Neither have punched a clock. Neither of them have ever reviewed a P&L statement, submitted a company budget, signed the front of  a check, nor ever created a single job in the private sector. The inescapable conclusion is that this is by design to destroy the Western way of life and cripple the economies of these two nations and continents for decades to come. If not this, then it is a classical blunder of history where coincidence has allowed this much power to be retained by the most unqualified leaders in history who should never have been promoted beyond the level of regional bureaucrat and our nations are damned to failure and decades of misery.


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