The Woo-Woo Report: 2 days worth of Megawoo

By John Galt
September 9, 2011 – 05:00 ET

I was remiss in posting the links to the stories earlier,  but click away on the links below to read the real news that’s “out there” and indicate that indeed we have lost our ever loving minds.

Video Game Allows Players to Slaughter “Tea Party Zombies” Like Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reilly

Insect Eating: EU Project Gets £2.5M in Grants

Professor: Ugly people need ‘affirmative action’

Nearly 40 per cent of Europeans suffer mental illness

Elderly left to die as relatives go out for pizza

Rotten cucumber fight in Saudi supermarket

Crackdown on nudist butts in San Francisco

Abandoned for two weeks, starving dogs eat owner

Gumby Botches Robbery Of San Diego 7-Eleven

Calif. Bill Would Mandate Minimum Wage & Breaks for Babysitters

Dutch woman calls ex-boyfriend 65,000 times

Apparent carjacker gets one-way ride to jail

Housemaid cuts off sponsor’s private part

Intruder runs a bath at Celine Dion’s home


Gold/Silver/Dollar Charts


RT @TimesofIsrael If Islamic State loses Fallujah and Raqqa, the ‘caliphate’ will be over

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