Uh, Rick Perry & other RINO’s: This is the Nation that is Threatening our Existence?

By John Galt
September 12, 2011 – 00:25 ET

Did your esteemed host and commentator suddenly hit his head and go nuts?


In the long term, in other words, twenty years from now or longer, China is a direct threat to American world hegemony. In the interim it makes for a nice creature under the bed for long term strategic issues and of course, current Politik think in the U.S. The problem is that the American public is absorbed in an election year and the real threat from long term strategic actions by China are ignored. The honest to God reality?

China is still a decade or further from usurping the United States militarily but due to bureaucratic incompetence and deliberate sabotage, we shall allow them to accelerate their program of Pan-Asian superiority. In the interim, the issues they have to overcome are mind boggling, even by U.S. standards.

From Xinhua, the official communist Chinese news agency this morning:

Three MILLION short of drinking water as drought lingers in SW China

English.news.cn   2011-09-11 19:48:25

KUNMING, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) — Lingering drought has left 3 million people and 1.56 heads of cattle short of drinking water in southwest China’s Yunnan Province, said local authorities on Sunday.

According to the provincial meteorological bureau, average rainfall by September 7 this year was 668 millimeters, or 22 percent less than in previous years.

From June to August, a crucial period for the growth of crops, accumulated rainfall was 427 millimeters, 28 percent lower than in previous years.

The dry spell has ruined about 61,333 hectares of crops, dried up more than 60 rivers, and drained up to 300 reservoirs and pools.

China has earmarked 30 million yuan (about 4.6 million U.S. dollars) for drought relief efforts.

Meanwhile, the province has invested 369 million yuan and mobilized 3.05 million people to help with relief work in drought-hit areas.

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