A Sad Moment at today’s Reno Air Races

By John Galt
September 16, 2011 – 21:30 ET

Sadly I must say, Jimmy Leeward, age 74, crashed his P-51 Mustang, the Galloping Ghost, into a crowd at the Reno Air Races today.

My father knew the pilot and believes that the plane it is one of the Mustang racers that he worked on in the 1960’s when his company rebuilt WWII era airplanes, primarily P-51’s, for those that wished to own the greatest propeller driven fighter plane of World War II.

I pray for the survivors of the crash that they have a fast recovery and for the families of those who have lost loved ones in the crash.

The video of the crash via YouTube is below, please do not watch it if you are weak of heart.

This video, at this link gives you a better perspective.

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