And as predicted: Putin to Return as Russia’s President

By John Galt
September 24, 2011 – 08:34 ET

As I predicted earlier this week on my broadcast, the Russian people are demanding a dictator with unyielding will and power to confront their weakening and fracturing national structure. The return of Putin all but seals the deal that the Cold War will return as James Earl Obama will fill the role of diluting America’s power and worldwide standing to a point similar to the 1979 era fiasco many of us remember.

For those of my readers too young to remember the joys of the Carter years, you are getting an unfortunate treat. As for the nation of Russia, the return of Putin all but guarantees a despotic realm where intimidation from a police state now equipped with the best Western technology has to offer shall befall the citizens. The full story can be read from Reuters by clicking on this link:

Putin to return as Russian president

The Russian stock market, the RTS, has cratered some 38% since the top and is poised to crash even further as the BRIC economies are faltering as the Western collapse accelerated. The two year chart below could worsen dramatically in the months ahead:

And now the Iron Curtain can descend around the world….

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  1. Desertrat | 25/09/2011 at 21:25 |

    All in all, however, with the Exxon oil deal and the continuing accumulation of gold to go along with their direct exchange with China for renmimbi, they aren’t in as bad a shape as some might think.

    And, after all, they’re more used to hard times in Russia than anybody in the US or the Eurozone…

    For sure, Putin’s not covered all over with stupid.

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