9/27 AEP: Frau Merkel, it really is a euro crisis

By John Galt
September 27, 2011 – 22:30 ET

From the UK Telegraph an Ambrose Evans-Pritchard:

Frau Merkel, it really is a euro crisis

I have to agree 100% with AEP on this one. It is not a euro crisis in the sense of a traditional model of exchange., it is a sovereignty crisis and it will be encroaching on all nations who sacrifice their national identify for international stability and financial security. The European Union is an imaginary bureaucratic delusion created for the bankers which allows governments to absolve their sovereign responsibilities to pursue globalist ideals of grandiose proportions at their citizen’s expense.

The European Monetary Union must be dissolved, even if it requires the West to endure a recession of major consequence. If they fail to address the underlying causes of this economic implosion, the markets will do it for them.

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