Denmark Institutes World’s first Fat Tax

By John Galt
October 2, 2011 – 09:30 ET

As the dictator of New York City has long fantasized about implementing, Denmark moves ahead of the world as the outgoing government implements the world’s first fat tax. From AFP via Gulf News:

Denmark levies world’s first fat tax


I kid you not. If you think the war on your freedoms, your “choices” as they are so fond of saying, and your wallet is over with, think again. Penalizing citizens for engaging in acts of free choice to eat responsibly or not is something the extreme left has been plotting for over a century. Now with the financial shortcomings expanding as the political elites have screwed the pooch, look for more “creative” ways to fleece your pocketbook, the control freaks and Marxists who wish to implement command control economies with cradle to grave management of every citizen’s affairs are jumping on this idea worldwide.

Please excuse me at this point in the article from commenting further as I’m going back to enjoying my two eggs over easy with biscuits and sausage gravy.

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