10/9 Arab Spring Update: Christians are not Welcome in the “New” Egypt

By John Galt October 9, 2011 – 18:00 ET Apparently the Obama regime’s support of the Arab Spring movement will be forgotten no matter how many innocent bodies are piled up. From Reuters tonight: Nineteen killed as Egyptian Christians, police clash 5:38pm EDT By Dina Zayed and Patrick Werr CAIRO (Reuters) – Nineteen people were killed in Cairo on Sunday when Christians, some carrying crosses and pictures of Jesus, clashed with military police, medical and security sources said, in the latest sectarian flare-up in a country in political turmoil. Christians protesting…

Occupy Bathroom Day 3: Saturday was Gruesome

By John Galt October 9, 2011 – 00:30 ET Sorry but due to the high standards of this protest, I could not show the action in the Occupy Bathroom protests on Saturday. However the coverage resumes on Sunday with video including a weekly market recap so everyone understands what is coming next as we enter into a most interesting period of world history.

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