10/20 Asian Markets Overnight: A Bad Chop Suey for all

By John Galt October 19, 2011 – 22:25 ET Wow. Not a good news to be long Hong Kong or in the Shanghai markets tonight. Is this the start of the technical breakdown of all the equity markets in Asia or just another tease until Europe drops the big one on the world? Stay tuned. First from Yahoo Finance, here are the charts which update themselves from Hong Kong: And from Shanghai: Stay tuned as the next two weeks could get rather interesting.

10/19 Housing Data: Not as good as the Headline Propaganda, as usual

By John Galt October 19, 2011 – 21:45 ET US Economy: Home Starts Jump, Consumer Prices Stabilize BusinessWeek  Housing starts jump 15 percent in September Kansas City Star Increase in housing starts could portend improving market The Hill (blog) Just sigh. There is no bottom until there is no hope. When will these people learn? Of curse when there is an agenda to yell into an empty stadium for everyone to rise up and cheer, the current crop of “journalists” and “economists” acting as agents of propaganda do the best they…

Greece is now Voting on Austerity Measures (Again) Live coverage via SBC-TV Athens (UPDATED 1430 ET)

By John Galt October 19, 2011 – 13:45 ET UPDATED 10/19 1430:  The “test vote” has passed, full vote tomorrow. Look for a fun day on the streets of Athens. FWIW, I wouldn’t park my rental car anywhere near, uh, anything. Well, at least their version of CNBC and the Bubblemedia has better foxy coverage. Feel free to translate and share for us as the news filters in…. Watch live streaming video from sbcgr at livestream.com

Removing the Nonsense about the Economy using CSX’s own Q3 Financial Report

By John Galt October 19, 2011 – 13:30 ET The story from CNBS today highlights the hypocrisy of today’s financial media and the fact that they would rather act as arms of propaganda for the regime, be it Democrat or Republican, in power, so as to convince your grandma to buy 20 shares of stock in any company so they can fleece her just one more time before she dies. CSX ‘Barometer’ Shows Improving US Economy: CEO The story at CNBC from Margo D. Beiler and highlighted on their insipid network…

Monthly CPI Necessities Update: Glad I don’t Eat, Drive, Smoke, Live in a House, Get sick, go to college, or wear deodorant

By John Galt October 19, 2011 – 12:30 ET Thankfully inflation is under control. Good job Ben! Of course if you do anything but wash your car daily, get some sort of legal service (Sorry Congress, she doesn’t count; Barney he doesn’t either per the BLS) buy a new home every month, buy a new computer every month, OR use “video services” then this month’s CPI report might hurt. But politicians, Federal Reserve officers, people investing in anything but precious metals, and morons telling you that a negative 0.4% yield after…

10/19 U.S. Market Preview: Turmoil, Tumult, and Sour AAPLs

By John Galt October 19, 2011 – 08:10 ET Futures are all over the place this morning as yesterday’s rumor rally of the week projected that Europe would be saved for the 1,372nd time in 720 days which means that the ECB and Bubblemedia will have to redouble their efforts and create a minimum of four to five rumors today to keep this market in sucker the sheeple mode. The insanity of what the idiots are trying in Europe is being revealed as Germany had a failed bond auction (see Reuters…

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