FDIC Bank Failure Charts Update through 11.11.11

By John Galt November 14, 2011 – 18:35 ET The date that freaked everyone out, 11/11/11, did not freak out the FDIC bureaucrats because they were off that day. But on November 10th they closed one more bank for good measure. The graphic below illustrates the banks shut down over the last two weeks: (click to enlarge/reduce) To see the remaining charts, click on the CalOkie FDIC update link to the right under the economic data page listing.

Guest Post: They are Coming for Your Children

By Natty Bumppo November 9, 2011 – 18:25 ET Growing up has always been a hard thing to do.  And there is so much more than what Ginger & the Snaps immortalized for us in song.  Despite how hard we try to protect our children allowing them to keep their innocence (which Mrs. Bumppo and I have done very well) taken as a whole each generation appears to be faced with some of the more sinister facts of life faster and faster.  This corrupts their minds and steals the innocence of…

11/14 U.S. Marketwatch: Back to reality, back to Europe

By John Galt November 14, 2011 – 07:25 ET With the successful overthrow of the Greek and Italian governments by the powers of Northern Europe, one would think that the world would be stable and life would return to normal right? Uh, no. The adults(bond traders) are back at work today and the next two weeks are truly some of the last serious trading periods before year end. In Europe an Italian bond auction was less than enthusiastically received and indications are that investors are quietly (and wisely I might add)…

Meanwhile back in Greece 250% 1 year Bond Yields are becoming a reality

By John Galt November 14, 2011 – 07:10 ET From Bloomberg: That is not going to make Greece any more solvent when one considers that for each Euro they borrow they have to pay back 2.5 Euros. This is the only indication one need to watch to understand that the European Union will be losing members and a financial civil war is about to begin between the Northern and Southern states over this matter.

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