Guest Post: They are Coming for Your Children

By Natty Bumppo
November 9, 2011 – 18:25 ET

Growing up has always been a hard thing to do.  And there is so much more than what Ginger & the Snaps immortalized for us in song.  Despite how hard we try to protect our children allowing them to keep their innocence (which Mrs. Bumppo and I have done very well) taken as a whole each generation appears to be faced with some of the more sinister facts of life faster and faster.  This corrupts their minds and steals the innocence of childhood and this is being done at an horrific rate in today’s society.

If the child is so fortunate to survive being born after conception within it’s mother’s womb.  Then the child must survive the cocktails of poisons awaiting them in the form of vaccines all under the auspices of healthcare.  If the child survives these first two attacks on their existence; then comes the predators.  There appears to be more predators in today’s society than I know about in history.  Actually, I would say that we today are worse off than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Every time you turn on the news, open a paper or watch headlines on the internet there is a crime against a child.  And the regurgitating fact is that an overwhelming majority of these incidents are sexual in nature.

Now, the child in a home where the parents have not killed them in the womb because they were an inconvenience to the careers of the parents.  They survived the vaccines with out any noticeable side effects and were not molested sexually.  The next phase is the molestation of the soul (mind) through the government training centers more commonly known as public schools.  Here they take these beautiful minds ever so alive to the world around them and mostly blank slates of “I love my mommy and daddy and they love me” mentality.  Innocent to the depravity infected world. But that is not what society wants for our children.  They have a more sinister agenda and take this innocent mind and turn it into a drug induced robot.  Spewing out the latest and greatest propaganda given to them by the government so that they may become the slaves of a tyrannical beast whose only concern is its own survival.

I have counseled many parents on these very subjects over the years and to be flat out honest it is virtually impossible to win against this beast, especially if you have chosen to allow the public school to educate your children.  It’s not hopeless, but nearly so.  If you think that you can defeat the 6-8 hours (and sometimes more) of indoctrination of government propaganda, social peer pressure (instigated by that propaganda) in just a few hours at home each night before you allow them to watch more of the same propaganda on television before they go to bed, you are sadly mistaken. And if you want to use the quality over quantity of time excuse with your children.  There again, your 1 or 2 hours of quality time will not defeat the overwhelming hours of social engineering perpetrated upon the child in 99% of the cases.  I speak as one who honestly after counseling scores of parents and children on these matters has yet to find one instance where the parents were victorious in the end.  But yet I hold out hope for one case where it does.

So, children are faced with death, drugs, sexual predators and government propaganda all this generally by they age of 4. But society is not yet done.  As they continue to increase in years there is more and more threats to the existence of the child. Government programming is always present, now we have even more to add to the ever growing list of threats.  Fluoride and mind altering drugs now being added to our water supply.  Genetically modified foods which is now changing the DNA of humans.  Larger regiments of drugs for our supposed “health” that poses such harmful side effects, one must consider the risk involved to have a supposedly “healthy” lifestyle.

But how dare I be suspecting of these wonderful products.  After all, the only thing one needs to do is refer back to their own government training and remember that molestation is fine as long as its a government agent that does the touching (TSA).  And remember that government would never do anything bad to its constituents.  And doctors would never suggest that you take something that would harm you.

Mrs. Bumppo and myself before we had children were determined to resist the status quo.  We allowed them to live and not abort them in the womb, stopped the vaccines, protect them from all predators.  Yet we went even farther. We also decided to see to their education ourselves (which has been a blessing for us as well as anyone who has had the pleasure of their company).  Then as the radicals we are actually give to them food and water that is not infected with genetics outside of what God intended.  And actually administer the herbs that God intended for our well being.

Without any doubt with what government is constantly force feeding parents and children alike that they (the government) would make better care takers of children than the parents themselves.  I disagree.  But as parents that love their children and desire the absolute best for them in this life and the life after, make no mistake.  There is a war going on that would separate children from their parents.  And the government is making an all out effort to win this conflict.  They are after your children.  Be the parent God desires of you and refuse to accept this propaganda as truth.  Take control of your life and the lives of your children and protect them from this monster that would do them harm.

I remember as young parents who had very little, considered for about 5 minutes that we should get government assistance. Food and doctors would thought to have been a wonderful help at times.  But as we sought after God’s direction, that was not the plan.  We would not turn the well being of ourselves nor our children over to a state whose only concern is its own survival.  And the way it survives is through convincing the populace that we need their intervention into every portion of our lives.  So, when the state offered to feed, clothe, educate and pamper us for the existence of our lives and the only thing they desired in exchange was our blind obedience and the sacrifice of rights others fought to give us.  We said, NO!  These are our children.  Given to us by God.  And we reserve the rights as humans given to us by God of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  And will do everything within our power as humans, to love, protect and nourish our children.  Even at the cost of our personal pleasures and even our lives.  They are OUR CHILDREN!


God bless you and God bless our Republic,

 The Natty Bumppo

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  1. alytwo | 14/11/2011 at 19:00 |

    When my son was in high school and being harrassed by a teacher, I asked to have him transferred and the dean refused. I appealed to the assistant principle. She got my son transferred and said remember, he is YOUR son and you get to call the shots. All parents need to remember this.

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