11.22.11 The Weekly Woo-Woo Report: Because it’s there

By John Galt
November 22, 2011 – 10:00 ET

Spank me, I’ve been negligent in posting these links and you’ve missed some awesome woo-woo news if you do not listen to the live podcast or the archives. So without further ado, here are the links and/or videos of some of the most insane news stories the MSM missed or you just have to read to believe from the past week or so……

Fired for Shunning the Mark of the Beast

Teacher Posts Bail After Arrest For Masturbating In Class

Killer Cows Trample Koalas

Baconlube, ‘the McRib of sex,’ merges sizzling with tingling

Turf War? Glendale Bans Fake Grass

Toronto Zoo Puts the Kibosh on ‘Gay Penguin’ Agenda

Darth Vader claims land plot in Ukraine

EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration

Moore Likens “Iconic” Pepper Spray Incident To Tiananmen Square

Supercommittee meltdown: Behind the scenes


In the thick of the negotiations, Reid, too, recalled the days when deal makers could bridge the partisan divide. He visited Ted Kennedy’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery with former Sen. Chris Dodd. Dodd poured some whiskey on Kennedy’s grave while Reid recited a prayer, the majority leader told lobbyists at a meeting, according to attendees. He told the group that he missed both men.

Burglar left himself logged into Facebook

Cops Summoned To Florida Elementary School After Girl Kisses Boy In Phys Ed Class

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