The Russian Elections of 2011: Suckers come Forth and Pronounce thy Ignorance

By John Galt
December 4, 2011 – 22:30 ET

Hard as this is to believe, there are media sources and bloggers proclaiming that Vladimir Putin suffered a defeat to the Communist Party of Russia and the shift of power from the United Russia Party to a greater percentage to the old line Communists appears to have occurred via the parliamentary elections today in Russia. From RIA Novosti:

Backing for Putin party dwindles as it hovers around 50-percent mark in State Duma election

To quote from the article:

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s party suffered a sharp drop in support in Sunday’s parliamentary elections, winning the most votes but falling far short of the majority it has enjoyed for years and still balancing on the verge of the psychologically important 50-percent mark with 50.10 percent, early results showed.

With about 87 percent of the election protocols from polling places counted, the ruling United Russia party is now slightly above the 50-percent mark, which, however, is still a far cry from the commanding two-thirds constitutional majority the party has held in the State Duma, the lower house of parliament, for the past four years, according to the official count.

If born out by the full vote count, the result would mark a major electoral setback for the political party that Putin leads and that has been the dominant political organization in Russia for much of the past decade.

The Communist Party (KPRF) so far has 19.12 percent, the moderate A Just Russia got 13.02 percent and the nationalist Liberal Democrats (LDPR), 11.66 percent, according to preliminary results. Voter turnout was about 60 percent.

Wow. Panic should ensue here in the West. Reuters followed up with this story:

Russia’s Putin and party suffer election blow

This quote from the article by Timothy Heritage and Ralph Boulton is pathetic, and for that explanation one must continue reading:

“These elections are unprecedented because they were carried out against the background of a collapse in trust in Putin, (President Dmitry) Medvedev and the ruling party,” said Vladimir Ryzhkov, a liberal opposition leader barred from running.

Based on these two stories, Putin’s ability to wrestle bears and kill deer bare handed might actually come into doubt. Hell the story about his work to bring a nuclear sub to the surface by banging on the hull at 20 fathoms might come into question.

Unfortunately for those who wish to proclaim the death of Putinism and what he represents within the Russian Oligarchy, I simply wish to quote Genisis 3:22:

22And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil….

Hence the Devil tricked the innocence of mankind into attempting to deceive the creator and of course we have been sinning our butts off ever since. In reality though this applies more to Putin and the media than one might think. What if the greatest deception of Satan was to convince mankind that he never existed?

Or in the case of this story and election:

What if the Communist Party which apparently increased its margin within the elections today was nothing more than an extension of the beliefs and powers that Putin already heartily endorses, as he did as a sworn and somewhat loyal member of the KGB in the old Soviet Union?

Perhaps watching the left hand behind the Iron Curtain’s back, much like the era of the Cold War, would be more prudent than believing that a minor setback or defeat as proclaimed by the complicit Western media is in order. Because the very party which gained seats uphold the same values he has always believed in throughout his life.

The latest update from the elections via RIA-Novosti:

(click to enlarge graphic)



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  1. Desertrat | 05/12/2011 at 07:30 |

    I doubt that Putin is a Communist in the sense of Lenin et al. He comes across as a pragmatist, wishing riches for himself and the Rodina. The latter requires a modicum of capitalistic thought. I imagine he’ll use any group which could be advantageous to his goals.

    For him, the Rodina comes first and all others are in last place. From this standpoint, Russia is far better off than the U.S.

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