12.30 V of Galt: Predictions 2012 Live and in Color

By John Galt
December 30, 2011 07:50 ET

Buckle up.

2012 is almost here.

Last year I was so-so in my predictions and for 2012 I probably will be also. If you are meek put on your Depends for this show or just assume the fetal position when the theme music stops. In the first half hour I’ll cover the news of the day, the financial news and then begin the prognostications which cover geopolitics, sports, U.S. politics, the economy, weather, and whatever else I feel like.

There are no guarantees, no warranties, and really nothing certain about what I say and remember this program is sort of for fun, sort of to wake up the unprepared, and to remind all of us just how fragile our future can be.

NO CALLS TONIGHT as I never take calls during the predictions program…..John

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