Despite the U.S., Saudi Arabia enters the Nuclear game thanks to China

by John Galt
January 15, 2012 19:55 ET

The United States had promised the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia assistance with the construction of a nuclear facility for “peaceful” purposes during the Bush administration back in 2008. However, the lack of follow through by the inept Obama administration leads the world a step closer to disaster as our once closest “ally” in the region now is solidly an agent for the Communist Chinese government:

Kingdom, China ink nuclear cooperation pact

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The story above from the Arab News has a very disturbing portion which I have excerpted for your convenience:


RIYADH: Saudi Arabia signed an agreement with China in Riyadh Sunday for cooperation in the development and use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes, which will help to meet the Kingdom’s rising demand for energy and cut its growing dependence on depleting resources.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao together with a large number of high-ranking Saudi and Chinese officials.

“The nuclear energy cooperation agreement seeks to establish a legal framework that strengthens scientific, technological and economic cooperation between Riyadh and Beijing, while the two sides reaffirm their desire to place the highest priority on nuclear safety and environmental protection,” said an official source. On behalf of the Kingdom, Hashim Abdullah Yamani, president of King Abdullah City of Atomic and Renewable Energy, signed the nuclear agreement.

Zhang Ping, chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission of China, signed on behalf of Beijing.

Translation: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has projected the future and determined that the United States is about to become a second world power, unable to project influence in the region and unwilling to share or transmit the most dangerous of technologies to the Arab world. The Chinese have established a solid foothold within the Arabian Peninsula within the GCC and Iran and now looks to expel the United States from the region either by our own incompetence or by purchasing the good will of the regional governments by favoring their goals be it militarily or diplomatically.

The story indicates that the entire region now faces the risk of becoming a hotbed of nuclear weapons development and any sway we hold with the dictatorships, aka “kingdoms” of the region is virtually nil. This is what happens when a nation allows rank amateurs to manage and run the foreign policy as the United States has for almost twenty-five years now.

(Photo at the top of the article from the Saudi Press Agency)


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