How Ron Paul Lost my Vote Tonight

by John Galt
January 26, 2012 22:15 ET

On Sunday night, January 29, 2012, I’ll point out the voting records and “warts” of all the candidates in one posting. For the record, none of them are conservatives in the traditional “Republican” or “Goldwater” sense of the word. In fact Dr. Paul actually was winning the night until the comment I heard below, which yes, I did take out of context, but this is a flub, an error, which is unforgivable in my book. By “empathizing” with individuals and groups who are infiltrated and destroyed the freedoms of others, by demonstrating a recognition far above what was necessary for blatantly Marxist groups, and by using the same class warfare arguments that the Obama administration has used, Dr. Paul had exhibited a weakness or desperation for votes which is totally unnecessary and seemed like pathetic pandering as his poll numbers declined in my state.
Thus, without regret, I must say when the general election occurs, I will not vote for Dr. Paul or any other candidate which engages in the pandering to the extreme left of articulates positions which attack Capitalist ideals and the ideas I support behind free markets. Dr. Paul has advocated many positions which enhance and support free enterprise but tonight’s example of an attack not on Wall Street but by advocating empathy for the “99 versus 1” or “Occupy” movement initiated by America’s extreme left leaves me speechless. This thought he used and his “empathy” is unforgivable to any and all Libertarians and believers in true freedom.

This entire political season has taken me from a position of hope to one of disgust. I’m afraid America is screwed unless we find one man willing to avoid the act of pandering and decides to take a firm stand, avoiding the temptations of the progressive right and left.

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  1. Pickdog | 27/01/2012 at 10:20 |

    Sorry man, but if that comment was enough for you to jettison Ron Paul, you are splitting hairs amd were looking for a reason. I mean wtf? He was talking about the destruction of the middle class which by default is part of the 99%. In fact, I’d venture to say you too are part of the 99%.

  2. GuyinFLA | 27/01/2012 at 14:21 |

    OK John,

    I think that your take is over the edge. We both know that it’s unlikely that a new candidate will come into the race at this late date. You have 2 Rino’s leading the pack and it is likely one or the other will get the nod. We’ve known this for a long time. Remember last year when you advised for everyone that could to get out of the country. Well, that’s what me and mine are doing. It has been evident for a long time that we have fallen over the abiss and there is no turning back. For all practical purposes, the US is dead. Most people are on the band wagon for Mitt or Newt and it will be really hard for either one to beat Obummer. So you see the handwritting is pretty much on the wall. Last year I had hope, but the vast majority of the so called conservatives are conservative at all and no where being libertarians or constitutionalists. Peope talk a lot about conservatism but they all have their agenda.

  3. GuyinFLA | 27/01/2012 at 14:35 |

    pardon my fat fingures and poor spelling..

  4. Love You John but I disagree.
    I did not like when Paul suggested a Free Trade system, however, I believe that had he been able to explain he would have straightened disbelievers out pronto,

    Paul is right about the 99%, even though I do not particluring like most of the 99ers, the fact is, there needs to be some serious protesting in this nation and while witnessing many of these protects in NYC I do see more and more Patriots and Liberal haters in the crowds side by side with the protestors, BECAUSE WE ARE ALL being raped by the same Government.

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