2.5.12 AEP: French socialists’ Latin revolt against Germany

by John Galt
February 5, 2012 16:15 ET

The furor being raised at Germany and its policies designed to impose a new order of economic dictatorship over the poor nations of Europe and the weak banksters of the continent is now being openly expressed by the French socialists, as expressed in Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s column from tonight’s edition of the U.K. Telegraph:

French socialists’ Latin revolt against Germany

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The failure of the quasi-Marxist economic model France is married to along with the political infighting in that nation has lead to a deterioration in the health of its financial system and a deterioration of the economy leading many critics inside France to point out Sarkozy’s weaknesses. A collapse of this moderate regime might well be seen by markets as a signal that the Euro could indeed tear apart from within, causing chaos in both the Latin nations and those who hooked their futures to the European Union’s imperfect treaty. The article posts those concerns in these two sentences excerpted from the article:

“The single currency is condemned to an uncontrollable explosion sooner or later,” wrote 12 economists in a recent letter to Le Monde, calling for an orderly return to national currencies. “The obstinate determination of governments to take us by forced march deeper into the euro impasse can only lead to the general aggravation of the economic situation in Europe,” they said.

President Nicolas Sarkozy has no answer to this. He has clung to the fig leaf of Franco-German parity, staking all on ties to Chancellor Angela Merkel, rather than seizing leadership of the Latin bloc to force a radical change of policy.

Perhaps Sarkozy has one course of action to take so his government can remain intact, survive the political onslaught domestically, and satisfy the German economic war machine:

Relocate to Vichy.

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