How Iran could Win a War against Israel and the United States in One Hour

by John Galt
February 6, 2012 05:00 ET

  In less than sixty minutes, the tiny nation of Iran could easily defeat two of the mightiest military powers in the world if they are allowed to engage in a first strike opportunity against both of those nations. This is not some far-fetched idea as U.S. and Israeli military planners are keenly aware of the implications of an Iranian attack which catches both nations off guard. The problem is not one of strategy or ability by either nation. The military units of both nations could easily defeat the Iranians in a nuclear or conventional war. However, Iran is not a conventional nation-state nor is the modern concept applicable to the confrontation which is coming.

  IF Iran were to attack, it would be the ultimate one shot “use it or lose it” approach to all strategic, conventional, and non-conventional forces. Syria would not have any notification of the coming attack and the countries which were to be exposed to collateral damage, Iraq and Jordan, would receive only the warning provided by U.S. military forward air controllers with little choice but to stand down or engage a fellow Islamic nation in combat.

  Iran’s first strike against Israel would be a combined effort designed to overwhelm the air defense systems of the IAF and create mass confusion. Odds are they would use every available missile launcher, and being conservative, we’ll say that’s 500 inside of Iran with an additional 1,100 plus inside of Lebanon, to fire an overwhelming volley at Israel. In addition, every available fighter aircraft capable of supersonic flight would be launched on a suicide mission trailing the initial missile attack. This initial volley would set the IAF and IDF on their heels along with creating massive panic in the United States defense establishment knowing the retaliatory strike package the tiny nation would launch. The defense systems might intercept 60% of all of the incoming if they were precise and of course, lucky as hell. The impacting conventional and non-conventional warheads would trigger a devastating response which would obliterate the entire nation of Iran however. That strike might be construed as a defeat for the “nation” of Iran but the attack would not end with just the Israel versus Iran aspect of the conflict.

  Since the early 1980’s the Islamic Republic of Iran has been infiltrating the United States using a series of faux defectors, college students obtaining access through third party nations, and as highlighted by Fox News own Geraldo Rivera in July of 2002, via Mexico using the coyote network of smugglers. These infiltrators did not come to the United States to learn the historical aspects of American constitutional law nor our theories of engineering, although some did engage in education programs about nuclear physics, civil engineering, and advanced electronic technologies. This group of long time “students” and infiltrators are not here to assist or help our nation.

  At the moment the Iranian attack is announced in the West, these sleeper cells will activate with a series of per-determined targets. Imagine the following happening while news reports of Israeli cities being hit:

– An eighty year old woman at a bus stop being beheaded with a machete by a crazy man screaming “God is Great” in Farsi then attacking dozens of other people standing by the area with his blade and a handgun.

– A six year old little girl is standing in front of a store in a shopping mall and is suddenly shot in the back of the head by a man who then shoots dozens of others after the horror of the initial shock wears off and action is taken by authorities against him.

– A man screaming “God is Great” in Farsi uses his car to run a bus load of children off of a large hill causing it to roll over and burst into flames.

– A suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest kills the driver and hijacks a gasoline tanker which he drives into a crowded grocery store and detonates.

   Crazy talk? No, not really, this is the worst case scenario for U.S. security apparatus. I submit to my readers to consider the following idea. The U.S. has designed a patchwork security system which could handle one, two, maybe even a dozen attacks simultaneously. But if over one thousand were to occur, the best that could be expected before serious casualties and damage were inflicted is at best a forty to fifty percent interception rate. Thus if the Israelis were overwhelmed, the U.S. would be also. That sets the stage for the defeat of both nations, and sadly a period of darkness that will take the world decades to recover from.

   Militarily, the nation of Iran would cease to exist. The Iranian people would suffer, at a minimum, a 70% loss rate. The impact would be equally as devastating for the nation of Lebanon which effectively be eradicated from existence along with many cities inside of Syria and much of the Arab world becoming uninhabitable should the Samson Option be triggered, which in this scenario it would. The United States would become a militarized state overnight. Europe would become a basket case. And the Arab street would galvanize behind the eradication of the Israeli state, the removal of the “great Satan” and the largest victory of Islam over the West since the last of the Crusaders. The Islamic world would sing the praise of the sacrifice of the Persian people plus those ancillary nations impacted by the Jewish retaliatory attack.

   Meanwhile, there are those who would invoke the Biblical implications of such a conflict. The United States would immediately be seen as a slumbering, bumbling, club footed nation unable to respond against an unseen enemy other than engaging in Wilsonian tactics of isolating Muslims in prison and at the same time destroying the Constitutional rights of American citizens who had nothing to do with the initial wave of attacks or fears of a secondary action. There are many who call this a delusional nightmare, but there is some historical logic behind this horrific scenario.

   First, the Russians and Chinese would see an immediate strategic shift in power placing their nations in total control of the world from a strategic perspective. The Russians would instantly replace OPEC and the Middle Eastern oil cartel as the safest and most secure provider of crude oil in the world which would exceed two hundred dollars per barrel at that point in time. China would seize full control of Far Eastern affairs as the United States would be forced to contract its sphere of influence to the Western Hemisphere and no further at that point in time. The nations of South America would disengage in any meaningful strategic relationships with the U.S. thus driving them to Africa, Asia, and the newly Russian dominated European Union nations.

  Second, and more importantly, the re-establishment of the greater Islamic caliphate would be completed almost immediately. The Persians would have zero influence over the creation or rule of the new Pan-Islamic territorial region. However, the consequences of this new geopolitical grouping will not be recognized by the world for at least a year. The now extinct nation of Iran would be honored and recognized for their act of martyrdom in the Islamic world thus giving the Shiites and the radical Islamic movement great credibility in the world, especially in fringe Islamic nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and throughout Central Africa. Saudi Arabia and the associated Gulf states would immediately become subservient to the radicals as there would be no common enemy, aka, Israel, to unify their citizens against. Hence a demand for recognition of the re-established Caliphate would become the demand of the street.

   Lastly, the destruction of freedom and economic disruption in the United States guarantees a period of renewed U.S. isolationism versus the globalist policies of the post World War II period. While that might well be viewed as a positive by many inside the American sphere and externally, the resulting darkness that would descend on the nations of the world will be a resumption of the Dark Ages of humanity instead of a new world order as designed by the bankers and politicians who envisioned “their” era of of domination after the establishment of the League of Nations. The nation-state of Iran will be defeated immediately, however the memory of the Islamic martyrs of Persia will be viewed as a victory in the centuries old war of Islam versus the West.

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  1. derickwrite | 08/02/2012 at 00:34 |

    While what you describe is an obvious possibility it is most unlikely. Iran has no reason to make a first strike against either Israel or the USA. It would be an utterly stupid thing to do.

    The most likely scenario is that Mossad will quitly send a mini sub with a mini nuke up the Ptomac or similar and blow a lot of people to Glory.

    Mossad may even drop a bomb from a drone on Israeli territory and blame Iran. Israel will thus have excellent reason to drop vast numbers of bombs on Iran in so called “retalliation”.

    Mossad will do this in such a clever way that it will appear that there is no doubt that Iran did it.

    Israel will, of course, be prepared to strike at Iran immediately.

    With the present openly aggressive stance of the Israelis Iran will, no doubt, by now be expecting a classical Israeli false flag op and might, therefore, be ready.

    Such a scenario will play off differently from the expected result as hoped by Israel. Israel might then resort to using its vast stash of nukes. If at all possible Israel will want the USA to do their dirty work for them as the US has more than enough non-nuclear capabilities to flatten Iran.

    Lets hope the Israelis stop their crazy aggressive behavior; else ww3 is on hand.

  2. Catlady15 | 08/02/2012 at 14:06 |

    @dericwrite..why is it all Israel ?

    • @Catlady-Because 90% of the American population has never actually read a history book.

    • derickwrite | 09/02/2012 at 15:48 |

      Catlady, People who base their perception of the world on TV news (propaganda) may as well go visit Jurassic Park to see some live ten-ton flying birds.

      The problem with the main stream media is that they dare not publish in depth news, so they report their own brand of truth after they have thoroughly reshaped it and given it a new persona.

  3. Carl Livingston | 12/02/2012 at 22:50 |

    derickwrite wrote:
    “Iran has no reason to make a first strike against either Israel or the USA. It would be an utterly stupid thing to do.”
    I am amazed at the number of people calling themselves preppers that don’t understand the threat of Islam to the West!
    Iran doesn’t need a reason, from a logical standpoint. Iran is bent on bringing the 12th Imam – their rendition of the second coming of Christ. They believe that with the coming of the 12th Imam, the complete and total conquest/conversion of the entire world will be in their immediate future.
    The Mullahs and Ayatollahs believe that the complete sacrificing of Iran is acceptable, if it means that Islam finally completes its conquest and conversion of the infidel to Islam.
    To think that Islamic terrorist sleepers positioned in the United Stated could not reek such havoc in the U.S. so as to destroy the entire economy within 60 minutes – THINK AGAIN!
    The fact is, several years ago I came to this realization. Since that time, I’ve read several books describing this same scenario. Now, John Galt brings to print, the long-term plot by Islamic terrorists to destroy the United States economic and political power and he receives undue ridicule for simply bringing to light the underlying goal of every Muslim in the world – complete destruction of the “Great Satin” enabling Islam to finally destroy a 6,000 year old enemy – “Little Satin”, Israel.
    I find myself hoping this scenario John Galt describes will never happen here, but it’s already in the cards. Israel is the “Little Satin” and Islam is bent on destroying Israel and making Jews extinct. The problem is, Islam can’t go after the “Little Satin” until the “Great Satin” (The United States) is no longer capable of protecting Israel.
    Iran is bent – even if it means their destruction – on destroying Israel and the only way to get to Israel is to remove the United Stated as protector
    You’d best pray I’m wrong and you’re right. But you’d be really foolish to believe it can’t or won’t happen!

    • derickwrite | 13/02/2012 at 15:41 |

      Carl Livingston wrote:”I am amazed at the number of people…”
      Islam has already conquered the West 50% without a single shot. This is entirely due to the stupidity of the Liberals in Western society.
      I maintain that Iran will not be the first to strike: It will probably be Israel that strikes first; Either under a false flag op or directly.
      From a strategic point of view it will be foolish of Iran to strike first.
      As far as the Madhi conquest is concerned, I am convinced that that effort will be launched from within western countries. The Muslims know they cant win a conventional war against the US.
      From a strategic point of view it will be best for the US and Israel to destroy Iran. However, the US only wants a regime change, not an annihilated Iranian territory. Furthermore, the US are embracing as friends some of the most extreme and fundamentalist Muslim states. How will the US handle the Madhi conquest in their case?

    • derickwrite | 15/02/2012 at 07:38 |

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