Abortion via Vending Machine

by John Galt
February 7, 2012 09:15 ET


Isn’t America just a ducky nation? First we blessed animals who engaged in late period abortions by murdering infants and now anyone can do it with a purchase at a vending machine. This story from CBS in Philadelphia:


Shippensburg University To Offer Plan B Contraception From Vending Machine

For some strange reason, I see this as an indication that our nation has decided to stop declining slowly and go 100% Roman decline and fall at light speed. Now at least the drunk college age students can get a soda, a Twinkie, and a baby-killer all in one trip.

God Help Us. Please.

To read and watch the story at the source, click on the story title above.

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  1. alytwo | 07/02/2012 at 21:28 |

    Supposing this is a good idea which it isn’t, what is too prevent them being given to underage? What about the child molestors who rapes then gives girl a pill to pop? HORRIBLE

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