Meanwhile in Greece the Protesters scream “Nazis Out!” as they Burn German Flags

by John Galt
February 7, 2012 22:05 ET


(Photo from Eurokinissi)

It’s a good thing the IMF, the Troika, the ECB, and German masters have settled the Greek crisis. Of course that explains why this story from The Athens News was a “positive” reaction to the German imposed bankster austerity settlement whispered, rumored, and leaked today:

Strike protesters burn German flag

(Click on the title above to read the story in full)

From the story:

Hundreds of protesters chanting “Nazis Out!” clashed with police outside parliament during a general strike rally against austerity.

Police used pepper spray against the protesters, who burned a German flag, during a brief flare-up of violence at the rally which was joined by some 25,000 people despite the heavy rainfall.

The generally peaceful rally, organized separately by general and communist trade unions, was called against widely reported plans by the government to slash the minimum wage and impose other drastic cuts.

Heck, the Greeks in ’41 put up more resistance to the German onslaught, I guess banksters are more effective than Panzers.

Ouzo and Goose Steps for all!

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