2.17.12 The Weekly Woo-Woo Report

by John Galt
February 17, 2012 22:00 ET


One can not subsist on bad news and reality alone so the reality of the outer fringes of our world’s society must be covered and even the mainstream media actually covers some real news, weird as it is, when necessary. Tonight, I start with some Barry White in honor of the now former Indian government officials who elected to “get it on” while working it out on the job.


Click on the links below to read the stories in full

India ministers quit after caught watching porn in parliament

Frozen sauerkraut causes German motorway chaos

Russia’s Putin gets a drink fit for dinosaurs

Post-Racial America: White Supremacist Joins Black Gang Member To Peddle Meth

Women tried to flash for beer cash

Son wants 98-year-old mom evicted

Not Having A Dog License Leads To Jail Time

New LCS named for Gabrielle Giffords

Martin Bashir: Santorum “Sounds More Like Stalin”


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