It’s Time to Accept Reality that it’s Too Late

by John Galt February 26, 2012 21:55 ET Hard as this to believe, I’m no longer going to pound my head on an exposed nail in the wall and preach to the insane that the world is about to end. In fact, I have no intention of any longer telling the foolish that the world is about implode. I’ve warned. I’ve preached. I’ve provided the warning signs. The financial system is irrevocably broken and the idiots in charge continue to preach that all is well, keep moving. Why should I or…

2.26.12 AEP: Spanish revolt brews as national economic rearmament begins in Europe

by John Galt February 26, 2012 18:40 ET   Just as one nation falls into the abyss and German occupation, Spain explodes for a third week into rage as the idea of submitting to the European Union banksters and creating a new order of serfs to repay a debt created by the Spanish banksters, only wishing to save their own hides and not the nation as a whole. For some strange reason, I detect an ironic note of sarcasm in tonight’s edition from Mr. Pritchard as he reminds the forces of…

A Warning Shot? Israeli TASE Declines by over 3% in two days

by John Galt February 26, 2012 08:51 ET   Usually before a large decline in our equity markets the Israeli TASE (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) declines sharply. The problem with the move over the last 3 trading sessions is that there are some extenuating factors including the Iran crisis, Gaza heating up again, and a new Intifada starting in the West Bank. Considering the bull run that many world markets have been enjoying, this could well be a warning signal that a correction of 10-15% is forthcoming.

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