2.26.12 AEP: Spanish revolt brews as national economic rearmament begins in Europe

by John Galt
February 26, 2012 18:40 ET


Just as one nation falls into the abyss and German occupation, Spain explodes for a third week into rage as the idea of submitting to the European Union banksters and creating a new order of serfs to repay a debt created by the Spanish banksters, only wishing to save their own hides and not the nation as a whole.

For some strange reason, I detect an ironic note of sarcasm in tonight’s edition from Mr. Pritchard as he reminds the forces of Eurocentrism that Spain is no Greece with these statements from the article:

While the Greeks may or may not put up with ever-escalating EU demands — most recently talk of parachuting 160 German tax collectors into the country — any such treatment of Spain would set off the sort of `levantamiento’ faced by Buonaparte in 1808, and the scale of damage to the European banking system would be catastrophic even for Germany.

The Spanish have good reason to feel maligned by North Europe’s self-serving narrative of the EMU crisis. They never violated the Maastricht debt rules. They ran a budget surplus of 2pc of GDP during the boom.

It’s a good thing this will end with everyone holding hands and singing happy songs around the camp fire. Or not. To read the remainder of his article from the U.K. Telegraph, click on the link below:

Spanish revolt brews as national economic rearmament begins in Europe

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