2.28.12 AEP: Irish EU treaty vote threatens chaos

by John Galt February 28, 2012 19:00 ET Can I get an “Oops” and an “AMEN” from the audience please? Irish EU treaty vote threatens chaos Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has elected to defy the powers that be in the European Union again and post an inflammatory but accurate commentary in tonight’s U.K. Telegraph (Click on the title above to read it in full) about what happens when representative democracy meets the agenda of the banksters who wish to enslave populations without proper representation. Excerpted: All three major parties back the treaty but…

More Riots and War Rumblings from China Few in the U.S. will hear about

by John Galt February 28, 2012 18:15 ET   Of course, few people remember the days of Mao but those of us old enough to remember the “Cold War” and all of the bloodshed associated with it remember not just the violence, but constant threats to world peace erupting in various corners of the planet. Fast forward to a little covered story tonight, at least on the U.S. news or your local papers, regarding another ethnic riot erupting in the economically booming utopia known as Communist China. From the BBC (click…

Mariagasms and Cramergasms for All as the Dow is above 13,000 again

by John Galt February 28, 2012 16:10 ET Is any commentary really necessary? Now that the two gratuitous size queen photos are out of the way, here is what the United States Department of  the Treasury, Propaganda Division, wants you to see: And what they don’t want you to see: Carry on. And buy more Gold and Silver. I’m just sayin’.

The Cure to Greek’s Debt Crisis: War with Turkey

by John Galt February 28, 2012 05:30 ET The nation of Greece is now officially in default according to Standard and Poor’s (click here to read the story in full). The Troika and German expansionist government has declared that they would support the second bailout to preserve the status quo of confusion, deception, and deliberate subjugation of the Greek people. Unfortunately for the Germans, NATO, the European Union, and United States, a wildcard has been thrown into the fire by non other than the Greek Foreign Minister, Stavros Dimas. In an…

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