How Gold rises above $5000 per Ounce but is only Worth 500

by John Galt March 2, 2012 05:30 ET The world is on fire and guess what? Gold is under $2000 per ounce. Thus the banksters, powers that be, political elites, and so-called capitalists have been able to suppress the one real store of value to the point where ‘they’ can do guess what? Hoard. Steal. Tax. And Acquire. The question arises if gold must be kept under its inflation adjusted levels from the 1970 to 1981 explosion and bull run, why? Why not let it trade freely? Why create paper commodity…

Michigan Republicans Adopt ISDA Rules – Change the rules after the Election

by John Galt March 1, 2012 22:25 ET I know I might sound a tad stuffy. I might sound a tad bitter. I have no horse left in this race other than the U.S. Constitution. But with the behavior of the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Michigan, may I make a suggestion? Start making musket balls. AFTER, not before, AFTER, the results of the Tuesday night election where where former Senator Rick Santorum won the majority of Congressional districts thus entitling him to 15 of the 30 delegates…

Tonight’s Listening Post or Music for the End Times

by John Galt March 1, 2012 21:20 ET   I shall be adding to this as the evening progresses…No sleep tonight after the assassination of a Patriot…. I can think of no song more appropriate than what Mr. Brietbart did to the commielibs…. More music from my youth…well, okay, my collegiate phase… Man, oh man, do I hate the RNC at 22:15 ET tonight…after the news I’m about to post…   Just sigh. Michigan, you suck driving and what you did tonight.

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