Over $5 for One Dozen Eggs? Welcome to Eurosocialism, coming here soon

by John Galt
March 4, 2012 01:15 ET

While American citizens bitch and moan over $4 gasoline, the Europeans have found that Environmentalist Lunacy and Socialism (also known as ELS or Obamasitis) is about to create shortages at not just the breakfast table but across the entire European Union and United Kingdom, but in the very goods they take for granted to bake or flavor other foods. The European Egg Processors Association posted the first warning shot by the UBP (Union for Belgian Egg Products) via their press release of February 22, 2012:


(click on the title above to access the original .PDF of the press release)

From the article about the press release mentioned at the link above:

(Hereafter the main points of the press release, freely translated into English)


Since the new welfare regulation for laying hens came into force on 1 January 2012, farmers in many member states are busy adapting their production conform the legislation, or stopping their activities.

Furthermore the consumption of table eggs increased due to the cold weather.

All these elements have resulted in a situation where the supply cannot satisfy the demand. Many egg processors have difficulties in supplying the contracted quantities as there are simply not enough eggs.

What further complicates matters is, that this scarcity of eggs has made the egg prices shoot sky-high which makes the situation financially unbearable for many egg processors.

Uh, what about mayonnaise, baked goods, breads, etc? Think those prices will drop with higher fuel prices, a possible war with Iran, and this insanity?

According to an article from the U.K. Sunday Observer, no:

Supermarkets fear egg shortage as farms close over welfare rules

(click on the title above to access article in full)

The problem consumers are about to discover is that they are bidding against large multi-national food manufacturers who need eggs also to make their products. So the average schmuck will unwittingly be cast into a bidding war against a Unilever or Nestle to obtain their favorite breakfast food. This will obviously cause the retail price to shoot up dramatically as the wholesale price is up over € 4 per kilo per the article above.

Excerpted from the U.K. Observer:

Britain’s supermarket shelves could be empty of key products within a month as an acute shortage of eggs threatens to have serious consequences for the country’s food chain. New EU rules banning the housing of hens in conventional cages are being blamed for what some in the industry are already labelling a “crisis”, as competition among food manufacturers to source eggs sends prices rocketing. The price of eggs on the EU wholesale market has nearly quadrupled over the past week to more than four euros a kilo.

“It’s now no longer a question of price, it’s a question of supply,” said one industry source who asked to be anonymous. “I estimate that within three to four weeks some companies will be at breaking point.”

Eggs – both in liquid and powdered form – are used in a variety of food products from biscuits and cakes to pasta and mayonnaise. A shortage of their main ingredient would threaten the viability of some food manufacturers, several of which are already closing down their production lines because they cannot afford the soaring price of eggs and cannot raise their prices because supermarkets refuse to pass on any increase to consumers.

To quote the Guinness guys in their famous commercial:


Add in a war, fuel price insanity and shortages, and the PIIGS collapsing and everything is in place for some good old fashioned summer fun with anarchy, rioting, and disaster for ye old European Union and the Soviet Socialist Republic of England. As shortages develop, will the world see another war for eggs? Perhaps the French will declare a state of National Souffle Emergency? Or maybe the farmers will just get blamed for being evil capitalists and sent to yolk gulags and re-educated to boost production. It’s these kind of regulations and insanity along with the price consequences coming here soon.

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