Amerika’s New Thugocracy: Police out of Control

by John Galt
March 19, 2012 16:40 ET

The inevitable decline and fall is now complete. While Chicago police have a reputation as thugs, crooked, and on the take due to their gangster related history, this video from TVSPY and the story about the illegal arrest of television reporters from WGN and WMAQ speaks volumes about Obama’s former home town and the thugocracy which has imposed it’s brown shirt (ahem) will on the citizenry with an apparent reign of terror on two fronts.

On one front, they impose their iron boots on the throats of law abiding citizens and deny them their Constitutional rights such as to free, legal, elections without fraud.

On the other, gangsters are running wild killing other citizens for the crime of being too close to the line of fire while drug dealers and gangs roam the streets during the night.

I love the city of Chicago but my first taste of it was spelled out while the new Cominsky Park was under construction and I asked a friend why all of the old tenement homes had their windows bricked shut. He informed me that it was to keep drug dealers and people using their products from taking pot shots with their firearms at the construction workers while they were building the stadium.

Here is a video to remind you why America is dire, dire, trouble and how tyranny begins.

Thanks again to TVSPY at for this video. Click on this link to read the full story.

And here is a reminder as to what happens when citizens remain silent about the abomination in the video above:


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