3.27.12 AEP: Spain to slash spending as economy slumps back into recession

by John Galt March 27, 2012 23:00 ET   The saga of the Eurozone is far from over and the latest piece from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the U.K. Telegraph tonight says it all: Spain to slash spending as economy slumps back into recession (click on the title above to read the story in full) As the world thinks the Greek disaster is behind them, the lurking nightmares of Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain along with Cyprus and other Balkan states hangs over the heads of the banksters in Brussels like an…

3.27 Municide Update: Now the Sheep can be Sheared

by John Galt March 27, 2012 22:45 ET As has been the habit of the U.S. banksters, the sheep have been herded into another bubble which is about to implode and shear them once again. The media spend the majority of 2011 incessantly attacking Meredith Whitney and her prediction of a municipal bond catastrophe without even taking a moment to analyze the underlying condition of the various locations at risk. Jefferson County, Alabama proved to be the largest implosion in history but it would appear that it shall soon lose that…

3.27.12 U.S. Supreme Court Obamacare Testimony Day 2

by John Galt March 27, 2012 22:15  ET   Tonight the conservative media has spent an entire afternoon gloating on the idea that the questioning from the Justices might actually reflect an inclination of a decision in favor of the American people and freedom. I warn my readers not to get too gleeful nor to presume anything. Conservatives once thought that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was cornered again in 1937 when a major challenge to the newly created Social Security Act was brought before the Supreme Court. The now infamous case,…

Prediction: EBT Card Gasoline Purchase Subsidies by the End of the Summer

by John Galt March 27, 2012 05:30 ET Remember this famous video? I’m predicting that before the summer is out, when gas prices top $4.50 per gallon, Obama will issue an Executive Order to add a $40 per month gasoline purchase subsidy to selected Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards based on income and zip code. Because after all, some areas and zip codes are suffering more from gasoline prices skyrocketing than others. And the logical conclusion of course is that Obama needs to buy votes ahead of the November election.

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