Prediction: EBT Card Gasoline Purchase Subsidies by the End of the Summer

by John Galt
March 27, 2012 05:30 ET

Remember this famous video?

I’m predicting that before the summer is out, when gas prices top $4.50 per gallon, Obama will issue an Executive Order to add a $40 per month gasoline purchase subsidy to selected Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards based on income and zip code.

Because after all, some areas and zip codes are suffering more from gasoline prices skyrocketing than others.

And the logical conclusion of course is that Obama needs to buy votes ahead of the November election.

2 Comments on "Prediction: EBT Card Gasoline Purchase Subsidies by the End of the Summer"

  1. I predicted that something along this line would happen. This is Obama’s ace in the hole (pardon the expression) for re-election and it is why he is happy to see gas prices skyrocket. While much of the conservative media is prematurely dancing on Obama’s electoral grave, they are both premature and mistaken. $5 gas gives Obama the opportunity to dangle the ‘free gas’ carrot in front of wavering voters.
    Thanks for bringing this to a public forum.

  2. Why stop there? How about additional funds to said EBT card holders so they may continue to download music onto their Ipods…

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