When Bankers Win: 60% Unemployment, Poverty, Starvation

by John Galt
April 1, 2012 12:00 ET


In the nation of Greece, poverty and misery rules the day as the ideals of Eurosocialism when implemented to completion take hold. The attempt to create a hybrid version of capitalism with Marxist overtones has never been successful and there is no reason to believe that success is just around the corner as a desperate population begins to realize the failure of the globalists which have sold the nation out to participate in an international currency system which offers no benefits nor sovereignty to the citizenry.

The believers of the great European Union system and the unified currency are ignoring the reality of their decisions however and the consequences that have filtered down to a formerly bustling middle class and now destitute lower class. The citizens of Greece made their own bed by buying and voting for the enhanced debt laden lifestyle provided by cheap, easy money and trusting bankers to manage the nation’s financial affairs. However, in the town of Perama to the West of Athens, the impact of the European system and sacrificing the country’s sovereignty are hitting home at an unimaginable level.

The Athens News published a Reuters article on Saturday that should remind the world why one can never trust the bankers to manage the affairs of any nation:

Port town of Perama hits rock bottom

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For those that are unaware of the severity of the Greek austerity measures, families rummage through garbage cans at night throughout downtown Athens seeking scraps of food to bring home for perhaps the only meal of the day. Against that backdrop they must deal with former pets, packs of dogs who have been released by families as pets are no longer affordable to many Greeks and the mangy animals roam the streets competing for the same food the children seek. The city of Perama is the perfect example of banker’s servitude, where the people work to repay the debts of the nation’s banks yet receive little benefit for their work, if they can find it, beyond table scraps and perhaps an occasional visit to the hospital emergency room as the nation’s system of socialized medicine has completely failed.

This excerpt from the article by Deborah Kyvrikosaios highlights the severity of the problem and why some are calling it a humanitarian crisis:

The country’s financial crisis is the latest blow – pushing up unemployment in the area to 60 percent, triple the national average.

Without health insurance or money for fees at state facilities, many of the town’s 25,000 residents have begun flocking to a free clinic set up by Doctors of the World seeking medical care and, lately, staples like milk and bread.

The clinic was set up two years ago to treat poor immigrants. Instead, it now finds that 80 percent of its patients are Greeks struggling to get by. Doctors say many of them cannot even afford the bus fare to the local hospital.

60% UNEMPLOYMENT!!!!  When viewed against the national unemployment rate of the nation, that seems tame:

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Yet other than the wire service report from Reuters and a BBC News feature, the story receives scant coverage in the West.

The Reuters article highlights one more key damning  point of the severity of the crisis there  in this excerpt:

Unable to find a steady job for five years, Antonis Giatras relies on the clinic to feed his family of five. He recalls once being forced to live in his car and in a cemetery for months when he was homeless with a pregnant wife.

“There are some days when we have no bread, or food,” said the 50-year-old Giatras. “My young daughter who goes to school is forced to go some days without taking any food with her.”

A modern society disintegrating from within.

A nation formerly proud and reliant turned into a beggar state.

A nation which is the model for the bankers and global elites to impose on willing dupes around the world, just so they can act like they live the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Unfortunately, the United States is on the same path and our citizenry will do as the Greeks have; we will sell out our national pride, sell out our neighbors, and beg for scraps as long as we can keep our iToys.

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