Must Read: U.S. Officially Drawing up plans for Nuclear Powered Drones

by John Galt
April 2, 2012 15:40 ET


A few weeks ago I covered a story on my nightly radio program from the Atlantic Wire about the concept of creating nuclear powered UAV’s, giving the government or government’s worldwide a 24/7 view of not just enemy movements but the actions of its citizens around the world. The original story can be found at the link below:

How to Make Drones Scarier: Make Them Nuclear Powered

This one quote from the opening of the article by Adam Clark Estes sums up the initial hesitation behind the concept:

Government scientists find it “disappointing” that “current political conditions will not allow use” of a nuclear-powered drone that can fly around the Earth for months. We do not. Why? Because the mere thought of a nuclear reactor flying around the heavens, snapping pictures of villages and possible firing rockets at them is absolutely horrifying, that’s why. Set aside the fear of a nuclear reactor crashing in your yard — these would be drones that would not run out of power.

However, just about 4 1/2 hours ago, the U.K. Guardian picked up on the story:

US draws up plans for nuclear drones

(click on the title above to read the article in full)

While the original piece in the Atlantic Wire looks quite similar to the Guardian story, this portion from their version should give everyone a chill down their spine:

So sensitive is the issue that the summary does not spell out the fact that it is referring to a nuclear-powered drone, referring instead to “propulsion and power technologies that went well beyond existing hydrocarbon technologies”. However, the project’s lead investigator at Sandia, Dr Steven Dron, is well known as a specialist in nuclear propulsion, having co-chaired a session at the 2008 Symposium on Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion, held at the University of New Mexico in 2008.

The research summary also stated that the results “were to be used in the next generation of unmanned air vehicles used for military and intelligence applications”, where they “would have provided system performance unparalleled by other existing technologies”.

It added that “none of the results will be used in the near-term or mid-term future”, due to political constraints.

Read that last sentence carefully. If anyone believes that nonsense then they are the same souls who denied the existence of Stealth airplanes being tested in the 1980’s. Odds are they have already constructed a prototype and these stories are designed to test the public’s mindset about such a program.

The reality is that this government, be it under Democrat or Republican control, could care less about a small nuclear reactor flying over a kid’s playground or crashing into it; be it on U.S. soil or over the enemy of political convenience for that day. This is about constructing a control grid that would have made the old Soviet Union envious to monitor and record the actions of citizens wherever and whenever a government needs to and terminating any threats as need be.

Got Skynet?

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