Slime Doesn’t Pay

by John Galt
April 2, 2012 17:25 ET


Slime doesn’t pay; well, for a while it did until people wanted to know what it was, how it was manufactured, and just what the heck it was. Fortunately for some fast food restaurants it was NOT the primary ingredient in everything they cooked so they can walk away proud that they didn’t slime the public with slime fries, slime salads, and slime sundaes.

However, for AFA foods, the gig is up per the CBC News:

‘Pink slime’ company seeks bankruptcy protection

(click on the title above to read the article in full)
Too bad we can’t pass out some pink slips to the government bureaucrats or force them to eat only this product because they keep sliming the American public with their stupid regulations and allowing our children to consume food which is similar to what is dished out at barnyards.

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