George Zimmerman meet Leo Katzenberger

by John Galt
April 11, 2012 22:00 ET


Tonight the media and mob got their wish. George Zimmerman was charged, arrested, and jailed for allegedly committing the act of Second Degree Murder as Special Prosecutor Angela Corey announced this evening. Mr. Zimmerman turned himself in believing that America is still a land of due process and following the rule of law, something he will learn otherwise as this trial moves forward.

As most great empires fade into history the first of many things to disappear is a nation’s honor and this display by the extremists of the left, the poverty pimping industry, the Neo-Nazi losers, and the allegedly unbiased mainstream media illustrates the evaporation of our country’s honorable ideals. Once honor is no longer an important part of the national identity, corruption and ignorance of the Constitution or foundation of laws follows. Will this occur with the Zimmerman case? Time will only tell, but there are some important time lines and considerations that must be taken into account.

First, the timing of this arrest could be and will be considered by some as “convenient” as the heat brought upon Seminole County and the State of Florida was ratcheted up with veiled threats from the Obama administration and its Justice Department. This pressure was further accelerated by the news media looking to create a story based on any speculation which might paint this incident as a race based crime despite the evidence published to date indicating that race was not a factor beyond the identity of the deceased. The possible crime in question occurred on February 26th, yet it took almost two months to reach a determination that any charges would be necessary in the case. This will undoubtedly allow the media and generally ignorant public to raise even more questions about the guilt or innocence of Mr. Zimmerman.

Of course there are political considerations for this case the mainstream media would never dream about covering but since this an opinion piece, I shall feel free to provide the fodder they refuse to provide. The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, appointed Ms. Corey to investigate this case and bring it to a rapid conclusion as to whether or not charges should be brought against George Zimmerman. Without attempting to interpret what Ms. Corey found to provide the basis for the charges being filed, the overriding concern for Governor Scott was to clear the airwaves of this case by either removing any doubt about his innocence or finding cause to lock him up before the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August.

With the resolution of the investigation resulting in Mr. Zimmerman’s arrest, enough technical delays can be created by the prosecution to ensure that there is little if any chance of this case coming to trial until after the November election. The removal of this media circus before the summer means that those who “wanted an arrest” of this man, be he guilty or innocent will be satisfied and remain silent until after the politicians perform their dog and pony show to purchase their re-election. In the interim, a possibly innocent man will rot in jail facing threats from inmates inspired to kill him with inspiration from the New Black Panthers’ bounty and a media equally as rabid seeking to murder his reputation.

Welcome to the land of circus justice and show trials America, designed to satisfy blood lust, financial gain, and political profit.

George Zimmerman, meet Leo Katzenberger.

(To find out more about Leo Katzenberger click on this link)

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