Israeli War Game Scenario: Iranian Nuclear Program Set back 7 Years

by John Galt
April 17, 2012 22:30 ET


While the American public is glued to the latest edition of Jersey Shore: Secret Service Style, the world is moving closer to a disaster in the Middle East which will change the shape of U.S. foreign policy for the next fifty years. The newspaper Makor Rishon assembled various former government officials, retired military, and professors to determine a likely outcome to an Israeli surprise attack on October 16, 2012. The net results of the attack estimate a seven year setback for the Iranian nuclear program but some of the damage scenarios and results will reverberate around the world.

From the article via Israel National News:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu lulls the press into complacency by maintaining a seemingly regular schedule in Jerusalem. In the pre-dawn hours of October 16, the IDF launches Operation Yahalom (“Diamond”). The nuclear sites at Natanz and Arak are bombed, as are several other nuclear plants and research centers. Ten IAF jets are shot down.

President Obama receives word of the strike when he is speaking to 350 rabbis in Florida. He convenes a consultation and says that Israel’s “excuse” for bombing is “irrelevant” because while Iran’s nuclear facilities may become immune to an Israeli attack by moving underground, they will not become immune to a U.S. attack.

The realism of the story thus far seems feasible considering the stories yesterday in the Israeli media about a Sunday night television broadcast which interviewed IAF pilots. The problems in this scenario is outlined by the Iranian reaction which will likely spiral into a larger regional war:

Iran sends 1,500 tanks toward the border with Iraq and instructs Hizbullah to fire missiles at Israel. It also launches a series of large scale terror actions and fires missiles from Lebanon and from its own territory at hi-tech targets in Herzliya, succeeding in destroying Intel’s headquarters. A suicide bomber kills a large number of cadets in the IDF’s hi-tech Talpiyot program. Low-level radiation is released in Tel Aviv by a “dirty bomb.”

Consider the portion from the story above boys and girls because if a “low level radiation” release from a dirty bomb hits Tel Aviv, odds are one, two, or more will hit the United States also. Add into this a major conflict erupting on the Iraqi-Iranian border which will require an immediate re-deployment of ground fores into Iraq if not offensive action from Afghanistan and the formula for $200 per barrel oil and an American police state in reaction to domestic terrorism is in play.

To read the entire scenario from the Israel National News website, click on the link below:

War Game: Israeli Air Strike Deals Severe Blow to Iran Nukes

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