4.18.12 HARDCORE News Update

by John Galt
April 18, 2012 23:55 ET

Click on any link below to read the full stories covered on the air tonight along with some news that time did not allow to be read on air:

PM: Israel obligated to prevent nuclear-armed Iran

Secret Service Agents Forced Out Amid Prostitution Investigation

Colombian Escort Details Her Encounter With Secret Service Agent

National Guard withdrawing 900 troops from U.S.-Mexico border

CSX Furloughs Some Employees Due to Weak Coal Shipments

Court says Arizona can demand voter identification

Egypt’s mufti visits Jerusalem, angering Islamists

Protests against veil ban in Tunisian universities bring lectures to a halt

Asian Call Center Workers Trained With U.S. Tax Dollars

Azerbaijan began issuing plastic cards to pensioners in banks

California City Hit With $2 Million ‘Parking Ticket’

Spain Wants Billions For its Banks

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