The Avengers Zing Senator Chuck Schumer D-NY

by John Galt
May 7, 2012 19:25ET


The old guy decided to go the movies this weekend and guess what?

As an old fart who enjoys the comic book genre, AND as the heroes were from my generation, the enjoyment of watching The Avengers was truly a special treat.


However, the funniest scene is reserved to those that pay attention to detail.


(Spoiler Alert)

After the grand battle scene where the good guys win, there is a scene of various people on television commenting on what they have seen. What made that particular portion hilarious was where, and I paraphrase, a U.S. Senator says:

“…And just who are these Avengers? Are they responsible for this mess? And are they going to pay for all the damage they caused?”
What was hilarious was the following caption below the picture of the U.S. Senator in the film:


Uh, paging Senator Schumer..

Perhaps your hatred of America has been exposed by a comic book movie; which aptly describes the attitude of liberals and elitists towards our U.S. military and the real heroes which protect the United States today.

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