A Disturbing story from Greece: Half of Police Officers voted for Neo-Nazi Party

by John Galt
May 13, 2012 17:00 ET


The headline from the Greek newspaper Tovima was disturbing enough:


One in two police officers voted “Golden Dawn”


The story itself though speaks volumes as to just how hardened law enforcement in Greece has turned against globalism and those wishing to impose the will of the European Union on their nation. This excerpt (translated using Google) spells trouble for the Mediterranean nation’s future should the next government wish to force the country to remain in and abide by the EU dictates:


The analysis of the votes taken by the “Golden Dawn” in 11 polling stations of Athens A is impressive. At these vote – based on the special electoral lists, thousands of police officers serving in the General Police Directorate of Attica and services such as Direct Action, DIAS, the Attica Security and others. These sections, from the 806 and 816 as a polling station, are located in school bands Ampelakia Street and 24 Street Panormos, near the headquarters of the Hellenic Police Hall, Alexandra Avenue.


In these parts the “Golden Dawn” party comes first and the rate varies from 18.64% (813th in polling station) to 23.67% (816th in polling station). Moreover, the “Golden Dawn” was 23.08% in percentage 811th polling station, 22.7% in the 808th polling station at 806th and 22.2.


It is notable that a few hundred yards away at polling stations Felt Street, where the police do not vote, the percentage of “Golden Dawn” drops to 12-14%. If taken into account that on average in each of these sections, as also follows from the roll, voting approximately 550-700 people and the number of policemen who vote At these ranges from 20% to 30% of total votes cast, then the relative reduction in the percentage of police officers who vote “Golden Dawn” moves between 45% and 59%.


God help the people of Greece if the banksters and internationalists who believe in nation building continue their meddling or they will indeed find themselves witness to another tragedy in human history as the communists and Nazis find themselves engaged in a battle for nationalist supremacy. The end result of any conflict of this type will not only result in a tragedy for the people of Greece but a potential powder keg in the Balkans which could easily expand beyond the region and into a modern day disaster for Europe.


A modern day disaster almost 100 years after the First World War which was created by bureaucrats, bankers, and technocrats unwilling to control their ambitions of global expansion could easily happen again if the same parties who acted irresponsible then are allowed to continue on their current course of action.


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